Weekly Summary 7

This week by far has been the most stressful. I got into a group for the radio show project, but ideas were not concrete until later in the week, so that gave me less time to work on my assignments but I was still able to do it before the deadline. My group is working hard on creating the audio and each person is contributing to the audio of the show.

I have learned how to communicate without ever meeting someone to make a project work as well as to communicate about ideas and start getting people moving to get working. I have struggled with the time and not being a patient person this week waiting for my group members to respond while still going to class and preparing for fall break. I have learned a lot already, but I know next week I will learn even more! I have been commenting on some classmates work when I can, giving my thoughts and feedback. I hope to continue to improve my commenting next week.

I have been trying to keep up with all my classes as well as this one, I am just so happy I am half way through the semester. This has been my hardest and busiest one so far! I am going to be working on more audio for my 5-7 minute contribution to the show. As a group we have not started talking about who is going to edit the final product to submit? But I guess we will see, I can do it, I just don’t know if I have time to do that while not falling behind in other classes?

On a different note, here are my 3 daily creates from this week:

Here are my stars for this week, I went over to find one I actually wanted to complete:

Finally all of my sound cloud audio is embedded in the posts as well as below:

Mash up Songs

The final assignment for this week was the take two song and mash them up to create a remix. I picked 2 80’s songs for this and was able to mash them up and still have meaning and showing the importance of both songs for the children growing up. Love was a big thing and both songs I choose included love and not being shy with the other person. This assignment is worth 3 stars and I will hopefully be able to use it for my radio show as well.

I decided to go with Kiss the Girl from the Little Mermaid and Time of My Life from Dirty Dancing. I downloaded both songs from youtube using a converter to MP3 files software then uploaded them to Audacity. Then the fun of editing began where I took pieces of the Dirty Dancing song and inserted them into the Mermaid song. I adjusted the sound by pitch, speed, volume, and fading mostly. After I inserted the clips I wanted I used the extra clips as another layer to the song inserting them where it made the most sense. Finally I was able to use the Dirty Dancing song as background music to the other one and clips. It had a lot going on, but it sounded good when I was finished so I’m pretty happy with it.

I am using both songs because both movies are from the 80’s with fun and important messages. They are both childhood favorites of mine so I figured why not mash them up.

I am really happy with how this mash up turned out. It sounds good while still being able to use it in my radio show or at least a clip from it. I am excited to see what next week brings for sounds towards the show.

Radio Waves Logo

This week after we made our groups and came up with a group name. I needed to make a logo for our group that was catching while allowing it to showcase our show and be specific. I decided with the logo below because in the show we are talking about the trends from movies and how teens felt about them. The logo seemed fitting.

I was able to just use word and play around with clip art and different fonts to create the logo which was pretty simple since I have a lot of experience using word. This assignment does not count for stars but allow each of us to contribute to the group name and advertising it. This logo is how we are going to advertise our radio show along with the poster and other means my group members made.

This assignment was not hard once I came up with a logo I liked. The hardest part is finding the right logo to sound good and make sense with our radio show. Week 1 of the radio show is almost coming to an end! Good luck to all my classmates and members on completing the work and making a great radio show!

80’s Commerical

This next assignment was to create a 30-45 second 80’s product commercial. I decided to do one on the Etch A Sketch 2000 which was super popular among the kids and even teens of the 80’s. I used Audacity with my voice to create this commercial and edited my voice to sound like the different characters in the commercial. This assignment is worth 5 stars and I am going to be able to use it with my radio show project these weeks.

This was a pretty straight forward assignment that just required a quiet room and Audacity to create the files and export them as a MP3.

I am pretty happy with how this turned out, it is true to the 80’s and how they were with advertising as well as relationships between consumer and distributor. This was a fun assignment to create because I got to use my creativity to make this commercial fun and exciting while pretending to be a kid.

Sounds and Movie

For this assignment I stretched the guidelines to work with my radio show project. Guidelines were to use 4 sounds to create a movie and I used Dirty Dancing as my movie of choice. I did use recordings of words to go along with my movie as well as music. This assignment was worth 4 stars.

I first made an Audacity for my movie of sounds by recording different pieces and editing them to sound different but still recognizable. After that, I saved the file as a MP3 to open in a new Audacity project where I recorded my voice reading a script I created to introduce the movie clip. I found some elevator music to start and transition between my voice and the movie sounds from freesound.org. After I did some editing to my voice I was finally happy to save the file as another MP3 to upload to soundcloud for this assignment.

I am proud of this assignment and really feel like I’m getting the hang of Audacity it did not take me as long as I thought because I knew what I wanted to do with the sounds and knew how to do it. The most time consuming part was the final editing making sure I was happy with the project before I exported it to soundcloud. I am happy with how it turned out and I plan on using this clip as well to help my group with our Radio Project next week. I am not sure why I keep picking musical’s from the 80’s I just really like them and the music is always so catchy!

Radio Show Progress

This week by far has been the slowest for me. I have been busy and trying to coordinate with other people on our project is time consuming as well as frustrating at times. I was planning on starting my part of the project like Sunday or Monday, but it was not until Tuesday or Wednesday that we had enough ideas to start. Here I am on Friday finally able to do the work for the week. I think next week will go better because it will be back on my schedule versus everyone else’s.

We are making progress, we have a title of our show and a theme. We also have a story line to go off of. We are going to be using the movies of the 80’s to discuss the different trends it gave the time period as well as talking a little bit about the movies we picked. It should definitely be a fun show where we are examining the different trends or wanna be trends of the time, what became a trend and what was not ‘cool’ enough to be a trend.

The show is for going to be made by 4 people including myself. We are all working hard to make this the best show ever! While we are probably never going to meet in person for this class we are working on communicating with each other to be on the same page and do the work for the radio show. We are each going to create 5-7 mins of audio for this project that will be cohesive.

Weekly Summary 6

This week has been stressful with my other classes and trying to stay on top of things for this class as well. I am very much looking forward to fall break and getting some time away from school to try and get ahead/ catch up. This week I was focusing on design elements and how to create them while still showing photos with meaning. I blogged every assignment and posted some of my pictures on my Instagram for this class. I also did 3 daily creates this week for my twitter.

Daily create 1 of 3 for this week

Daily create 2 of 3 for this week

Daily create 3 of 3 where I attempted to draw a Koala bear from memory

My first blog this week was called Intro to Design, where I reflected on what we had to read about design and the different elements design has in it.

My first starred post was about Dirty Dancing, because why not? I really like that movie and it was fun to try and make it a minimalist poster for 3.5 stars.

The next post I did was about a tattoo I wanted. I enjoyed this week because I felt like I really able to get creative and express myself on these assignments. I picked a rose for a tattoo because that is something I have wanted to get tattooed as long as I can remember for 3.5 stars.

The next post was about Princess Bride and add a quote to this movie for 2.5 stars.

The next post is 4 icons and a Movie where I condensed a movie down to just 4 icons for my classmates to guess for 3 stars.

My final post for stars was about cool letters and how they are expressed by mood for 3 stars.

My final post for this class was about designblitz, where I took my camera around this week to find different elements of design and post the pictures to my Instagram as well as blog about them.

I was able to comment on a few different blogs of classmates this week, here are a few examples:


This assignment was for us to carry our phones around to take pictures for the week on different design elements that we learned about. I picked 4 pictures that I am using to represent different concepts.

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Color dreary mood #ds106 #designblitz

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These definitions come from the design resource page which is hyperlinked in the definition. Color creates mood, draws attention to key elements. Good designs can use bold color or none at all (lack of color or monochrome makes a message too). What colors work well together? What methods of using color are more effective? What do saturate colors say as compared to pastels?

The first picture was about color outside. I took this picture originally for topography but I liked the color better in this picture instead. The gray dreary mood was perfect for how I was feeling when I took this picture. The grey colors in the background help to see how blue the grey can be and sad and upsetting, just like how the color makes me feel when I wake up to it.

“Dominance relates to varying degrees of emphasis in design. It determines the visual weight of a composition, establishes space and perspective, and often resolves where the eye goes first when looking at a design.”

I saw the puddle immediately with the leaves around it. I saw where my eye went first then I moved more to see the bricks around it. The weight of the picture is on the water puddle and the perspective of a 45 degree angle looking down.

Typography “is the visual component of the written word” – It is the form in which text is displayed, and the characteristics of the type used- Is san serif always better? why or why not? What do aspects of font weight, style, spacing, kerning have to do with how a message is transmitted and received?

This picture shows how different patterns and size of words emphasize different things. The word “love” is written in larger print and the color red. The size of the lettering determines how the viewer is going to see the important pieces. The spacing in the letters and words play an important role in where the eye is going to look.

Proportion is the comparison of dimensions or distribution of forms. It is the relationship in scale between one element and another, or between a whole object and one of its parts. Differing proportions within a composition can relate to different kinds of balance or symmetry, and can help establish visual weight and depth. ”  

The sushi is in proportion to the plate as well as symmetrical. The relationship between different pieces of sushi with each other and with the plate is a solid relationship. The balance of sushi in the middle of the plate with the flowers and other rolls around the sides. The proportion of big sushi to the little sushi rolls is what draws my attention to the picture. The sushi creates weight and depth for the picture in seeing the different sizes and arrangements.

Cool Letters

This assignment I decided to use my own name because I have seen it written so many ways and thought it could be a fun place to start for 3 stars. When I found this font I knew it was perfect for me. It reminds me so much of what I was like in middle school and this is how I started to write my name when the hearts for the “i” dots were cool. I enjoyed getting to find this font and it brought back some really good memories.

This inspiration is really just the memories it brought back of late elementary school and middle school when it was fun trying to write your name in all these ways. I used cool letters. net to come up with the list of fonts and picked the one that spoke to me the most first. I think it came out great and hit home for me and how similar it was to me, and the way it made me feel was why I picked this childish one.

4 Icons and a Movie

This assignment was a lot of fun to try and come up with. The prompt was to pick a movie and come up with basic elements then reduce them down to 4 single icons to tell the movie so others can guess it for 3 stars. I decided to stray from the 80’s theme that most of my projects and movies have used because I figured my classmates could guess the movie because I repeat my favorite 80’s movies in any assignment I can. These icons are for a 2018 movie categorized as mystery/crime. That is the only hint I am going to give for these icons.

The top left picture is a cop, next to it is an egg, the bottom left picture is evidence, and finally a board game. I think these are pretty simple icons to guess the movie the only issue is if you haven’t seen the movie I don’t know how easy it will be to guess.

I think I did good on this assignment I was creative picking important features in the movie while still trying not to give it away to my viewer. The inspiration for the movie came from the recent movies I have seen that are newer on DVD. The inspiration for my assignment comes from the weekly page and a classmate, Megs and Bacon‘s creation of 4 icons allowing me to see how easy and fun this assignment can be. I am impressed how these icons came together to tell the story and it makes sense in my head, but I am the one that came up with these. I look forward to seeing what people think these icons are!