Introduction to DS 106

Hello All, Hope everyone’s first day of classes are going well. My name is Sophia Romano and I am a senior at UMW. I’m in their 5 year masters for education program and psychology department. This will be my first ever online class so naturally I’m curious how it will go.

I’m going to add my social media here so feel free to add, or follow me!

I struggled to embed my instagram into this blog post, but i have attached the link and a picture or my new account for this class.

This is my introductory post to my instagram account I will be using for this class.

Here I am embedding my youtube welcome video. This one was pretty simple after I figured out to record on my computer which should have been a simple task because it has a camera integrated to it.

Here is my youtube channel, its connected to my gmail and the picture while it is an older one, I still think it looks like me and have no desire to change it. It brings back memories of growing up and my childhood with my mom and my dad.
My introduction to soundcloud
Here is my profile for soundcloud and it is public so go ahead and like, follow, share anything that connects to you.
So unlike some of my classmates and the comments I read I was able to add my twitter post directly into this blog by coping and pasting the link. I did however, have to click on the individual post to twitter and copy that link but then it was added into this blog.

I have already made introductions on all is my social media accounts for this class, Please feel free to comment on them and provide constructive feedback. I am nervous in front of the camera if that was not obvious but I feel like it will get better the more I do them. I’m a more reserved person so I would hit a wall with what else to talk about in front of the camera especially about myself. I am really bad at describing myself, instead I can answer questions if any of my classmates have any. I look forward to learning more about myself and everyone else throughout this semester and if anyone has anything they think I should have included please let me know.


Sophia Romano

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  1. You’re off to a great start. Most of us don’t feel comfortable on camera, but you did it anyway and now you know you can make videos. What’s even better is that you figured out how to embed Twitter and told how you did it, so the rest of us know. Sharing those experiences helps everyone learn.

    1. Thank you for the feedback, I’m working on feeling more comfortable and making sure to explain how I did the assignment in the blog.

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