Mash up Songs

The final assignment for this week was the take two song and mash them up to create a remix. I picked 2 80’s songs for this and was able to mash them up and still have meaning and showing the importance of both songs for the children growing up. Love was a big thing and both songs I choose included love and not being shy with the other person. This assignment is worth 3 stars and I will hopefully be able to use it for my radio show as well.

I decided to go with Kiss the Girl from the Little Mermaid and Time of My Life from Dirty Dancing. I downloaded both songs from youtube using a converter to MP3 files software then uploaded them to Audacity. Then the fun of editing began where I took pieces of the Dirty Dancing song and inserted them into the Mermaid song. I adjusted the sound by pitch, speed, volume, and fading mostly. After I inserted the clips I wanted I used the extra clips as another layer to the song inserting them where it made the most sense. Finally I was able to use the Dirty Dancing song as background music to the other one and clips. It had a lot going on, but it sounded good when I was finished so I’m pretty happy with it.

I am using both songs because both movies are from the 80’s with fun and important messages. They are both childhood favorites of mine so I figured why not mash them up.

I am really happy with how this mash up turned out. It sounds good while still being able to use it in my radio show or at least a clip from it. I am excited to see what next week brings for sounds towards the show.

80’s Commerical

This next assignment was to create a 30-45 second 80’s product commercial. I decided to do one on the Etch A Sketch 2000 which was super popular among the kids and even teens of the 80’s. I used Audacity with my voice to create this commercial and edited my voice to sound like the different characters in the commercial. This assignment is worth 5 stars and I am going to be able to use it with my radio show project these weeks.

This was a pretty straight forward assignment that just required a quiet room and Audacity to create the files and export them as a MP3.

I am pretty happy with how this turned out, it is true to the 80’s and how they were with advertising as well as relationships between consumer and distributor. This was a fun assignment to create because I got to use my creativity to make this commercial fun and exciting while pretending to be a kid.

Sounds and Movie

For this assignment I stretched the guidelines to work with my radio show project. Guidelines were to use 4 sounds to create a movie and I used Dirty Dancing as my movie of choice. I did use recordings of words to go along with my movie as well as music. This assignment was worth 4 stars.

I first made an Audacity for my movie of sounds by recording different pieces and editing them to sound different but still recognizable. After that, I saved the file as a MP3 to open in a new Audacity project where I recorded my voice reading a script I created to introduce the movie clip. I found some elevator music to start and transition between my voice and the movie sounds from After I did some editing to my voice I was finally happy to save the file as another MP3 to upload to soundcloud for this assignment.

I am proud of this assignment and really feel like I’m getting the hang of Audacity it did not take me as long as I thought because I knew what I wanted to do with the sounds and knew how to do it. The most time consuming part was the final editing making sure I was happy with the project before I exported it to soundcloud. I am happy with how it turned out and I plan on using this clip as well to help my group with our Radio Project next week. I am not sure why I keep picking musical’s from the 80’s I just really like them and the music is always so catchy!

80’s Sounds

This assignment was a lot of fun I had to pick my favorite sounds and mash them up together to see what they made. I decided to pull in the 80’s theme here with my sounds. I included some engines that were from the 80’s and thought about what cities in different countries would sound like when before they became big cities so I was able to include different animal sounds as well.

I downloaded 5 sounds that make me feel good and put them into audacity edited them to fade in and out, silence different sections to give other sounds solos and mashed them all up together to come up with an about 30 second clip of pleasant 80’s sounds. The inspiration was definitely 80’s for me an thinking what kinds of things my parents heard growing up compared to what I knew growing up. This was a fun assignment that I enjoyed making and think I did a good job with because I am happy with how it turned out.

Disney… Why not?

Who doesn’t love Disney to begin with? I grew up watching Disney and still love most of their movies. This assignment I created was Disney lyric mash up worth 4 stars. This was to take different Disney songs and sayings and mush them together to create something new. I really enjoyed this assignment and getting to play around with Disney songs never hurt. I decided to pick only songs that were around in the 80’s or came out during that time frame. The inspiration came from googling Disney songs in the 80’s and picking the ones I like the most or sayings.

I decided to use:

  • “Kiss a Girl” from Little Mermaid (’89)
  • “Under the Sea” Little Mermaid (’89)
  • Honey I Shrunk the Kids (’89)
  • “Best of Friends” Fox and the Hound (’81)
  • Popeye The sailor Man (’80)
  • I do not own any of the rights to these songs or words!

I spent probably more time than most on this assignment trying to make it perfect where people could tell where things were coming from but they were different enough that I don’t get in trouble with copyright. I think I did a good job with this mash up and got to learn even more about layering sounds in audacity and changing them around while listening the what I wanted them to sound like. I was able to make it 20 secs about without repeating the same order, I did repeat certain parts of different sounds throughout. I would use the envelope, and play around with different pitches, speeds, tempo, and other effects audacity has to offer. It was fun moving the sound around and coping certain ones to put on repeat. I also enjoyed finding Disney songs from the 80’s to use in this mash up.

Radio Bumper

Like many of my classmates before this assignment I was not sure what a radio bumper was. After doing some research I found out that they are things I have heard all my life and just never realized it. This assignment was to create my very own radio bumper for DS 106 radio. I had fun with this assignment even though I thought it was going to be easy I was proved wrong. I never knew how hard it was to record myself and make it sound okay. I never have liked the sound of my voice in the past so I had to edit my bumper a little with audacity to make it where I could tolerate my voice recorded.

This inspiration comes from the different radio bumpers I heard on the radio for the stations I like to listen to. I find them catchy to where I will say them with the person saying the bumper. I hope mine is almost as good and catchy.

I am starting to enjoy audacity it is just very different from any software I have ever used before.

Here are also my tweets from listening to the live radio:

“What happens in a Small Town” ~BG

This is a song that hits close to home for me being from a small town. I thought it would be fun to come up with different lyrics around the same kinda meaning about what a small town can be about. This is a song I have sung in my car at the top of my lungs feeling everything they are talking about. I am hoping to make fun of the lyrics for this assignment for 3 stars. This assignment is to make a parody of the song.

 "What happens in a small town stays in a small town
Every back road, we've ever gone down
Friday night bleachers, Sunday pews
Ain't a county line mile without a memory of you
Every whisper, every room, I walk in
Every time the bartender fills it up again
Everybody knows why I'm here, and you ain't around
'Cause what happens in a small town, stays in a small town"

These are the original lyrics to the song.

My version is:

What happens in a small town never goes away
Any road I go down memories are there
Saturday parties to Sunday church
I can never escape your painful memory
Every talk, person I encounter
Every drink I have to try and forget
I just want you out of my memory and away from this town
What happens in a small town never gets forgotten

I enjoyed this assignment because it caused me to think critically about the lyrics of the original and the new meaning I was trying to convey. I think it was a good job, it was hard to do and change the lyrics still knowing the tune and the words that are supposed to be there. I did enjoy how creative I was able to be with this project and the writing of the words is something I enjoy more than editing audio or sound clips. I added the original song here for those people who don’t know it. I think it is a good truthful song that has meaning on different levels.

I am also including my daily create from yesterday and today. I might add my daily create for tomorrow to this blog and then I will embed them again for my weekly summary. I am not to sure how we are supposed to blog about them, like include them in our blog post or make a separate one each day for them? But on the other hand here they are:

90 seconds max, How long?

I made a sound clip that tells a story through noise and different sounds only. This assignment was to create a story in only 90 seconds that was interesting for 4 stars. I had to use at least 5 different sounds I found online, and mash them up to one clip. I used free sound and BBC sound effect website along with audacity. This inspiration comes from being woken up in the middle of the night for a call and hearing those tones drop and the story that plays out afterwards. I did have a learning curve with this assignment. Sound is definitely going to take the most time to complete because I know the least about it.

This was an assignment I used audacity to create then uploaded to soundcloud. I started with the idea of the alarm clock then moved to work and the fact we had the fire alarm go off last night in my dorm to the point of the fire department coming. I downloaded a bunch of different sounds then looked into working with them, I got some walking to the truck and hospital, indistinct chatter for the hospital, sirens for the ambulance, and a washing sound because that’s how we feel on a call in the middle of the night. I was able to play around with a bunch of effects like the envelope to figure out where I wanted the sound to be louder or softer, I also decided to silence parts of different sounds but not delete them.

I think I did a good job with this assignment. I learned a lot more about the software than I knew from the beginning. I figured out how to layer sounds better and have them tell a story. I feel like I am starting to really understand how it works and the creativity that it encompasses. I learned how to work with the sounds and I felt like the sounds started to tell a story by the end and that was an exciting feeling. I make a good story and it sounded real. I was able to create the story using only sounds and no words.

I did notice that the blog for this class said 3.5 stars and the assignment said 4 stars, I am going with what the assignment said. Let me know if anyone else has the same confusion and how you are figuring it out.

What is an emergency? 9-1-1

Everyone has a different view of what could be an emergency. I have worked in first response for a little while and what some people view as en emergency I look at like daily issues or just another day at the office.

This assignment is to kind of to make fun of the system and add the all the calls I will hear daily. I pulled this assignment from the bank from a past member oddly enough. There are some interesting calls we see so I decided to make my own call based off of this call.

This just came from the ideas of work. This hits home to all the crazy calls that we don’t say are real reasons to call 9-1-1. The calls that come out and when we hear the tones drop continue to shock me even when I think I have seen a lot. Maybe if people see this they may start to understand why not to call 9-1-1. The few memorable calls that we remember long term, are the weird ones that like Indiana Jones will get into. He will do these crazy trips that result good for him but our patients normally don’t end up as well. I was able to watch Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom because I had it on VHS. This was made to help others realize some of the crazy calls we receive here. The call volume has increased so much since the 80’s and the units have improved since then to where they are now and how much the technology has improved and how to turn the equipment on.

This is an example of some of the calls we get and some interesting people we get to meet.

I used Audacity to record different sounds of my voice and making the script up. I added some of the noises from the sirens on the ambulance and a sound of buggs bunny to get the answer of the person’s house we arrived at. I was recording my own voice and and playing with the effects of my voice.

This has been an exciting process, that I have learned a lot about audacity and how to mix the sounds over each other and fade in and out when I choose to. I have learned how to use the software and I feel like I am getting better with soundcloud and being able to upload my data and embed it into this blog. This has been a big learning curve for me so far, when I am trying to still figure out the ins and outs of the software.