Disney… Why not?

Who doesn’t love Disney to begin with? I grew up watching Disney and still love most of their movies. This assignment I created was Disney lyric mash up worth 4 stars. This was to take different Disney songs and sayings and mush them together to create something new. I really enjoyed this assignment and getting to play around with Disney songs never hurt. I decided to pick only songs that were around in the 80’s or came out during that time frame. The inspiration came from googling Disney songs in the 80’s and picking the ones I like the most or sayings.

I decided to use:

  • “Kiss a Girl” from Little Mermaid (’89)
  • “Under the Sea” Little Mermaid (’89)
  • Honey I Shrunk the Kids (’89)
  • “Best of Friends” Fox and the Hound (’81)
  • Popeye The sailor Man (’80)
  • I do not own any of the rights to these songs or words!

I spent probably more time than most on this assignment trying to make it perfect where people could tell where things were coming from but they were different enough that I don’t get in trouble with copyright. I think I did a good job with this mash up and got to learn even more about layering sounds in audacity and changing them around while listening the what I wanted them to sound like. I was able to make it 20 secs about without repeating the same order, I did repeat certain parts of different sounds throughout. I would use the envelope, and play around with different pitches, speeds, tempo, and other effects audacity has to offer. It was fun moving the sound around and coping certain ones to put on repeat. I also enjoyed finding Disney songs from the 80’s to use in this mash up.