80’s Commerical

This next assignment was to create a 30-45 second 80’s product commercial. I decided to do one on the Etch A Sketch 2000 which was super popular among the kids and even teens of the 80’s. I used Audacity with my voice to create this commercial and edited my voice to sound like the different characters in the commercial. This assignment is worth 5 stars and I am going to be able to use it with my radio show project these weeks.

This was a pretty straight forward assignment that just required a quiet room and Audacity to create the files and export them as a MP3.

I am pretty happy with how this turned out, it is true to the 80’s and how they were with advertising as well as relationships between consumer and distributor. This was a fun assignment to create because I got to use my creativity to make this commercial fun and exciting while pretending to be a kid.