Dirty Dancing

To start this week off I decided to do a minimalist movie poster for the movie Dirty Dancing from the 80’s for 3.5 stars. I am really excited for this week because I do enjoy design and designing different things and being creative that way. I enjoyed this project and it was relatively quick because I knew what I wanted to do with it.

I am lucky enough to have a computer that accepts me writing on my screen withe a pen I have. I used a word document and wrote with my pen describing the movie in a poster form. The minimalist part was the hardest part for me because I enjoy things and details that go into pictures and designs. I thought of making music notes and the black lines represent smell. The dress is supposed to be like Baby’s dress from the movie with a little more color. I took a very literal meaning to the story title, dirty is the smell, and dancing is the dress and music notes. Below is my movie poster for the movie Dirty Dancing.

I think I did a good job with the poster, the only issue could be that I added to much and it was not minimalist enough to be correct. I was trying to make it there but also give it enough detail to be able to tell what movie I was talking about. I definitely understand it is important that we put things in certain places to make a certain picture and feeling.

I was trying to think of ideas that were not exact to the movie but meant the same thing. I was trying to be creative while also placing the object in certain locations to make more of a meaning and feeling than placing somewhere else.