I have always wanted a tattoo as long as I can remember, the older I get the more picky I become but the rose idea hasn’t changed for a while. The rose has some deep personal meaning to me and it is also a family name. For this assignment I had to create a tattoo that included 2 examples of rules we are learning for 3.5 stars. I decided to google and use the tattoo generator to come up with this design, now I may shade it in but I don’t think so.

This is the tattoo I want to have, not to sure where but i like the way it is placed. This is a good example of topography because of the different fonts used as well as size of different fonts. The size of the top font signify importance but the bottom is showing how intricate love is and how intertwined it is with the rest of the words. There is no period after love because love never ends, while living and laughing eventually end. This is also a good example of minimalism because there are clean lines and not a lot of details just simple lines to create an elegant picture. There is the outline of the rose and the words are written a little more bold which draws attention to the words but the rose is important being there showing the little bit of design can make a big difference.

I was inspired by the rose because that is my middle name and its the name of many of my family members. The words beneath it are words I want to live by because I think they make for a good and happy life. I was able to use google and word to put these different things together then to safe it as a JPEG to upload to my blog. I enjoyed being able to think and really figure out why I like this tattoo and the spent time figuring out what font I wanted my words in as well as size because they do make so much of a difference. I think I did a good job with this and it represents what I want very well as well as satisfies the assignment. I used what I learned to come up with this picture with words. I enjoyed having it work well and able to tell what I like about the minimalist design as well as the topography. I picked those two characteristics because they are the ones I spent the most time figuring out and editing to see how I want it to look in the end. I am happy with how this assignment turned out even though it took a lot of time it was very much worth it.