Intro to Design

To start this week we had to read 2 different books/articles on design and what it is. The first was Wayback Machine.

In this book he talks about the important aspects of design and what makes them stand out. He mentioned semantics first which is meaning of what we design. As a designer we all need to find meaning and a level of understanding for what we create and why we created it that way. The next thing he mentions is syntactics which is the detail of the creation and the different elements used to get there. We also need to watch out for how it is created and the symmetry that is there which would mean grids can be best for starting to learn and keep things consistent. He also includes others that play a role in creation and making the design have sense and a reason behind it. Design is the best when it displays timeless actions or events where creations will stand the test of time and still have value. Designs can and should have a different variety of meanings based on the person viewing them and their thinking structure. Logos are when we see something in the public eye for many years and afterwards we view the picture and automatically think of the logo even when no words are present. The paper size, margins, along with other ideas help to play a major role in the design of why things are placed the way they are. It is best practice according to the book that the headings are double size font to the text in the design which draws the readers attention better.

Overall I agree with what  Massimo Vignelli, said in the book, where design is an important feature of the creative mind. It does have rules but they are different than those of academic nature. Color, size, text, and layout all play a role in what the overall end design will look like and it will convey a certain message to the reader as they see the design. The way the different features are put together create the end picture that will have meaning. Times are changing for the way things look to our eye and to be on top of that we need to follow design features that make sense and are not sloppy.

In the other article, Brain Pickings article about Kidd and his book, about children’s design and the book that is geared towards the next generation of designer they mention how everything we do comes from design. They talk about how important color is when giving the design a mood and how powerful color is at conveying the mood accurately. Its designing for a problem in your mind that means a lot and we use our heads to figure out the answer while still being creative and solving the given problem. Design is about the form and content and how they come together to form a creation. This version of information was easy to grasp and understand and even though it is geared towards younger children it does still mean a lot to older people like Kidd said. Design can bring people together and the more complex the design the more complex the person’s thinking about the design.