4 Icons and a Movie tutorial

I decided to make this into a tutorial for fellow ds106 classmates because I was unsure how to make up icons for any movies and thought it would be helpful to show students how to do that. I decided to use screencast and record my screen which seemed like the easiest way to show what was going on. This inspiration comes from a college class I have had where my professor put the directions up on a movie to show us how to complete the assignment using screencast. I just had to add the extension to my browser and it worked flawlessly.

The original assignment comes from 4 icons and a movie and I completed this assignment a few weeks back but it was a long assignment with a lot of work involved. I thought it would be good to show others a quicker way of doing it after I came up with the idea. After completing the assignment it did not seem as difficult as I once thought it was going to be. I made this tutorial as detailed as I thought necessary to complete it and have it make sense. I enjoyed this tutorial and making it was fun I didn’t mind hearing my voice because I was focused on the screen not how I look. Please watch the video because it really helps in the process.