Can I take pictures? Lets see how they turned out

So this assignment was something new to me, I was given a list of different ways to take a photo and combine them in only 20 mins. I was able to capture everything on the list in only 20 mins with some time to spare. I was trying to use different angles and lighting for my photos to really shine. This assignment was coming form photoblizter where it automatically came up with a list for me to complete and then insert them into my blog.

So I started the quest at 2:49 pm or 14:49 and my list to complete included:

  1. take a creative photo without aiming in the viewfinder
  2. photo of object that represents how old I feel
  3. what does disappointment look like?
  4. photo of light source
  5. photo of anger, something that makes me mad
  6. geology is everywhere
  7. rule of thirds shot

This was a picture I took without looking in the viewfinder. I found this one difficult because I was just winging it and hoping it would come out creative. I think it kind of worked, It shows the foreground and a mirror then in the reflection you can really see the background. I just picked up my phone and snapped a photo hoping it would work.

This photo represents how old I feel. This is a doll I have had since I was a little girl and this is how I feel. I feel like a little girl sometimes because I will get excited over the smallest things and think they are amazing, or good food and I will be excited. I feel like I am a little girl who is still amazed by the good in this world. While this is not a real object it represents how old I feel most days and how old I am when it comes to surprises and good things that happen.

This next photo I took is showcasing what disappointment looks like. I am disappointed and my hands on my head is signifying how unhappy I am of an outcome in my life. Disappointment is a sad, upset, look that one creates when they are not happy with an outcome, or when something doesn’t go the way it should.

The next set of criteria is to take a picture of a light source. I decided to use my room lap and take the photo with the angle pointing upward hoping it would make the lights look more magical and airy than a straight down photo were the glare is overpowering.

This picture requires a little bit of imagination to be in play. I am putting my purse in the garbage which makes me angry because this purse was my main souvenir from our trip to Italy and it means a lot to me. This is angering because it is such a high quality product that is being thrown away like a used cup.

This is a picture of some rocks I found outside according to geology is everywhere. I liked the pink look the rock in the middle had with the white. I tried to take this view from a lower angle where the rocks are the main focus but you can see the background of the photo with more rocks and the distance from the lens shows.

This is one of my favorite photos I took this afternoon for the assignment. I used a different colored lens on my phone and was able to capture the lighting the way I wanted to. This photo is to represent the rule of thirds, which is that no one piece takes up more than one-third of the entire picture and that things are spaced out. I have the lamp post in the front third, the tree in the middle third, and part of the building in the final third. The coloring for this photo worked very well with the time of day, and the location I picked. I think this captured the rule of thirds very well for a newer photographer like me.

This is the time I finished taking my photos from the list.

I enjoyed this assignment overall, the time restriction was interesting to deal with. I felt rushed to get the photos in on time. I did enjoy getting to play with my phone’s camera and different color schemes and angles while using the timer effect for some because it was easier than not doing it. The inspiration came from the things around me, in my room, and on campus. I was able to use the objects or myself to make most of the photos and the ones I couldn’t I used landscape images to satisfy those requirements.