Radio Bumper

Like many of my classmates before this assignment I was not sure what a radio bumper was. After doing some research I found out that they are things I have heard all my life and just never realized it. This assignment was to create my very own radio bumper for DS 106 radio. I had fun with this assignment even though I thought it was going to be easy I was proved wrong. I never knew how hard it was to record myself and make it sound okay. I never have liked the sound of my voice in the past so I had to edit my bumper a little with audacity to make it where I could tolerate my voice recorded.

This inspiration comes from the different radio bumpers I heard on the radio for the stations I like to listen to. I find them catchy to where I will say them with the person saying the bumper. I hope mine is almost as good and catchy.

I am starting to enjoy audacity it is just very different from any software I have ever used before.

Here are also my tweets from listening to the live radio: