Radio show week 2

This radio show is becoming a problem. It was going smoothly until I offered to make all the clips fit together in Audacity. Audacity does not like mp4 files or whatever gets downloaded from Soundcloud. I have most of the audio now on my computer but I’m waiting for last minute files to use in audacity because uploading individual files does not work well for allowing to download.

Overall this week has gone pretty well, my group mates and I have completed our audio in enough time for me to edit all of it together. We have worked hard on making this radio show the best we can in the amount of time we had to work with. We are working on making it a cohesive audio show about 20 minutes long. We really are not struggling as much as I thought we would except for getting group members the to respond to last minute issues with audio files. I am excited to see how this goes!