“Oops I did it again” -Brittany Spears

Daily Challenge for 9/1/19

This daily challenge was to tell of a time when I broke something was not mine.

I am a clumsy person that has a tendency to get into things. One time I was still in elementary school and I got a hold of my mother’s dresser and the mirror on top of it. I was still to short to reach the mirror and see it but I had her make up and I wanted to see what it looked like so I took my two little hands and pushed myself up on top of the dresser trying to support half my weight with my feet hanging down. I then tried to gain my balance on the dresser and instead of doing that I toppled the dresser over on top of myself and the mirror that was connected to it. When it fell the mirror shattered and I yelled because it felt like the dresser was squishing me. My dad ran up stairs to see what was going on and he was shocked I managed to move the dresser than mad that I did it. I got into my mom’s dresser and broke her mirror come to find out later on that was a dresser from her grandmother.