Sped UP

This assignment was a lot of work. I didn’t know what I was doing and was playing around with Filmora 9 as well. This assignment was to sped up parts of the video as the transition into the next video for 3 assignments. I did start to enjoy the editing towards the end. This inspiration came from looking through the assignments and knowing I could use help with transitions and this assignment seemed like a good fit for it.

I was able to spend the time playing around with transitions and not actually filming. I used the sample videos on Filmora9 and the music from there. I was more worried about the transitions and how to make them work better. I was using audio to sound like the 80’s movie trailer almost where there is a story with my videos and the transitions are just part of it.

I think I did a good job with it. I was able to play around with speed and transitions and how they could change the look of the video. I was enjoying playing around with the speed and duration of each of the videos and include the credits. I was proud of the timing and the speed of the videos.

Stop Motion

This video was a different experience. I decided to use a different video editing software that left a watermark because I only have the free form. This assignment was to create a stop motion video with pictures and movies for 3 stars. I used Wondershare Filmora 9 the free version which added the water mark but allowed the opening and credits to be added to the movie easier.

I was excited to play around with different software and it was easier to add the combination of video and pictures to the same project as well as edit the time of each picture. I also was able to add audio to this video using the preset music in the software and the transitions as well as the opening and closing credits. I added a bunch of pictures and videos as well as adding extra fun things to make the video better and sound better. This inspiration comes from a lemur/raccoon looking stuffed animal my boyfriend got me from the county fair and he named him Fred because I am living in Fredericksburg at the moment. I got the idea from another blogger using Wondershare Filmora 9 and decided to download it and it was very easy to use.

I wanted to use Fred because I miss my boyfriend and my family from home. By making the movie I felt like I was home and made it easier to try and focus on school and the amount of work I still have to do before the end of the year. I enjoyed filming fred with my iphone and emailing the emails and videos to myself to download on my computer to import them. I may or may not continue to use Filmora 9 or go back to using Windows Photo app to make the movies.

My Weekend

This video assignment has been different from the past. This was a video with no sound from it and music just as background noise and the video was built on index cards in the camera for 4 stars. It was supposed to make a story beginning middle and end with no words and trying not to focus on camera angle as much as the story. There are plenty of things I would change if I had the chance or better equipment that I did not have to think so far in advance to get. I would have actually picked a better spot to film the video besides my bedroom and the note cards were just a story I though of because what I was going through this weekend.

I just used my camera app on the computer and then uploaded it to the Photos app to play around with some editing including the opening and closing credits. I like the credits and the sites I used for the music and the way I edited the music in audacity. I was able to add a title page and credits page through the photos app. If I could do this again, I would pick a different story and a different place to record it. I would have maybe even renting equipment from the HCC to make to video if I planned it enough in advance.

The story was about me wanting to go home especially after my dad mentioned it, but I did not do it because of all the work I had to do. I tried to edit the music to sound like popular music from the 80’s and the way it would have been recording with the beats and sounds I tried to incorporate. I definitely learned how hard it is to mesh two things together that didn’t start at the same time. I was struggling with the timing of the music with the video to make it sound the way I wanted it to when I first saw it or what I felt looking at the video with flash cards.

Social Media Life

This assignment was fun to make. I had to pull things from different social media platforms to create a movie narrative of my life for 4 stars. I enjoyed this project because while making movies from pictures and words is time consuming I get satisfaction out of it. I was able to play around more with the photos app to create this video.

First, I went through my facebook, and my mom’s and other people that would have pictures of me and downloaded them to my computer to upload into the software. This program is very user friendly you just drag and drop the picture into the storyboard and then change the settings that you desire to. This inspiration comes from my life and how lucky and wonderful I feel I have been so far. I have had a great family and friends growing up and hope to continue to make and keep friends. I have learned even more how to use the photos app and the limitations it has like the transitions between segments of the movie or showing the words. I am re embedded the video because youtube took it down which is why some of it is now silence.

25 Movies of Christmas

This assignment was a lot of work but also fun because Christmas is coming up and its almost the end of the semester. It was to create a video with my top 25 Christmas movies for 4 stars. I loved this idea and spent a lot of time finding movies and even more editing them. I started with over an hour of video and got it down to about 10 minutes long. I picked important scenes where the viewer can figure out what movie it is from the few seconds. They were all short clip except for the last one, I couldn’t help myself I love the idea and story so much I thought they already shortened the clip enough that I really didn’t do anymore shortening to it.

I feel like I did a great time, I put a lot of time and effort into this project and hope it shows. I am proud of it and the way I edited the videos together. I used my photos app on my computer to import and trim the videos after I downloaded them as mp4 so I could have a visual to go with the sound. I was then able to export it as a video file to upload later to YouTube. I enjoyed the editing of the videos even though it took way more time to do than I originally thought it could. I liked all the clips I picked to put in the movie and spent plenty of time shortening the clips from the original 3 mins per 25 clips.

Advice to 16 year old self

I decided to do an assignment giving advice to myself back when I was 16. My life was different and I have already learned a lot in a few short years. This assignment was make a video speaking to younger self for 2 stars.

I had this inspiration thinking back to all the things I did when I was 16 and some of the decisions I made. I thought it would be fun to make a video with advice to help myself if I could go back in time. I enjoyed the project and thought I did a good job giving advice and showing some of my life through pictures I could get my hands on relatively quickly. I hope everyone enjoys the little bits of advice I give myself.

I made this video using pictures off of my social media accounts, and pictures I have downloaded to my computer. I imported all pictures into my photos app and arranged them how I wanted them. I used audacity to mix some songs together than exported that as a mp3 file to upload to my photos app. I also got to play around a little bit with different motions of the pictures, the 3-d effects and text with the pictures. I had fun exploring the new Window Movie Maker app.