Who’s there?

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, I found someone in my room when I came back from class. I walked in my door and there was this figure on the wall near my desk that just stood there. I had no idea what could have caused it so I quickly took out my phone and took a pic, I was able to edit it a little with my phone making it black and white so I could see the figure clearer and change the contrast so I could see the outline better. I decided to add the breaking news because this is the fist time something like this has happened to me so that was an artistic addition. I had no idea what this thing could be in my room when it was locked on campus. Then I remembered and old story I heard about one of the dorms that there was a ghost there and sometimes people would see or hear things that they couldn’t explain so they would just blame the ghost. I am thinking did the ghost come back to haunt my room now??? They would say someone died back in the 80’s and still haunts the place. I think my shadow is a ghost from the 80’s.

For this assignment I needed to create a shadow using light and develop a story from it. I opened my curtains to let the natural light in and saw a shadow of myself on the wall that looked good. I edited the photo a little more to get the outline of the shadow down and uploaded it to youtube because I added the breaking news 3D moving piece that made the photo no longer a JPG.

I enjoyed this assignment because I was able to get create and play with the lighting around me while still using my body as the main prop. This assignment was worth 2.5 stars. I like the way this shadow turned out and I am proud of this image I was able to capture. The inspiration did come from hearing ghost stories in my time here about the campus, and I thought how much fun I could have incorporating that in my story about this shadow.

College Room Looks

My room at college looks a lot more put together than my room at home does now. I don’t know if that is because I am never home long enough to put things in place or I am just not caring as much because most of my stuff is at school. My college room has a color theme going on for the most part. I don’t have as much on my walls as I would like do to the restrictions, but everything I do have fits together.

This assignment was to take and make a collage of pictures of my room and explain why things are designed they way they are. This assignment is worth 3 stars. I enjoyed this assignment because it made me stop and think why I placed objects where I did.

This is my room at school. I like having my desk in the corner because then I can focus easier with less to look around and be distracted from. With my desk in the corner I can look at a blank wall then I will get bored and go back to doing my work. My bed is in the back because it is away from the morning light so I am able to sleep in with my curtains and not have to worry about the light. My fridge is next to my sink so I can manage the fridge, keep it clean, and refill my coffee maker when needed. I placed the dresser on the opposite side of wall from my bed so that I can occasionally watch tv from my bed or my desk. Most of the time I will put music on there and can see and hear it from every spot in my room. I have organized my room the way I see fit. I do have a color theme of blues going on in my room. My favorite color is a teal blue like the background of this photo and the objects in my room reflect that I feel like. Most things are blue when I have a choice, my accent pieces are white and black mostly, like my comforter and the carpet is gray and white which works well with a very blue carpet.

I got the inspiration from my room at home which is mostly blue, and the same color scheme while using different pieces of furniture and accents. I think I did very well showing my room off. I keep it pretty clean so I did not have a lot to do to prep for this photo shoot. I enjoyed this project and and enjoyed getting to show off my room, and explain why I did things the way I did.

Footloose, Ren is here!

This visual assignment on pixel art was a lot of fun to try and create. I did not expect it to be so difficult in such a short project, but the number of pixels really makes a difference with how detailed I can be. This assignment was worth 3.5 stars. I found this assignment from Meggs and Bacon’s blog. I really liked the idea and found the original assignment in the bank. I thought I could make it look realistic pretty easily, while I think I can tell what it is, I’m not sure about telling if you don’t see the original photo first. Their blog inspired me to try pixel art and I was thinking of fun movies I could use. I really like footloose and some of the more musical movies from the 80’s so I figured Ren McCormick from Footloose would be a good choice to try and make a pixel art image in only 16×16 squares for detail. I also figured since the theme for this class is the 80’s what better way to represent it but pixel art because technology was not the same back then as it is now.

This is the image I was using to make my pixel art. It is a scene of Ren dancing at the end of the movie, they are all dancing for the final part in the warehouse. Ren is the dancing star of the movie and seems to be the one in charge of most of the moves so I saw it fitting to make him the star of this blog post.

Like my classmate used I also used Pixilart website. This was a really cool website to use that allowed me to choose the size of project I wanted to do, as well as change to multiple colors for the project. I started with Ren’s head and a skin tone color that I liked, then added some hair around his head. I was trying to make his hair a little spiky like it was in the original picture. Then I started to move down and do his suit. I made the decision that I was not going to be able to do the white color with the limited number of squares I had so I went straight for the black bow tie. After that, I added the red jacket and decided to change the position of his hands because while I like this picture his hands are very blurry because he was moving. I decided to put him outside so I could have more fun with the background. He is outside with the green grass and sun in the sky. Much like the weather today I put a few white clouds in the sky to make it look more realistic. I also used the foreground/ background rule from the reading to make the grass darker as it went further away from the focal point of Ren.

I am proud of this pixel art I created. I think it does look like him as well as it could for the number of pixels I was able to use. I added the details that I could and made up a few of my own to go along with it. I was able to learn more about using my photos to create different types of artwork. I was also able to put the rule of thirds into affect from the articles. Ren is only in the middle third of the page and the sun is in a separate third, while the rest is background sky and grass.

Where’s Waldo? or my family?

What happened to family and friends. I was assigned to make a billboard looking for them. They went missing and I am trying to find them. I was able to find pictures of my friends and family so others can see what they look like. This assignment was worth 3 stars.

I made this assignment using PicMonkey free trial. I imported the billboard picture then found the others on my computer or social media and added them to the software. Then I had fun playing around with different features this website allows me to do, different features like changing the colors, cropping, fixing blemishes, and adding effects like film grain which I used for one of my photos. I really enjoyed playing around with the different effects and playing with the different options that were available even in the free trial. I was able to test out different textures and lighting options that were available.

I was thinking of using my family and a picture I liked of my friends from high school because I don’t get to see them as much anymore. I wanted the put these pictures on the billboard to be able to showcase what my life looked like even thought my sister recently graduated it is still part of me being home and I feel like that is a separate section of my life than being at school. I was able to import the other two pictures on top of the billboard and size them appropriately. Then I decided to play around with the finishing touches of a picture, I did a grain option for the photo on the left and on the right, I decided to put a spotlight on the top left corner. That worked out well until I started to play with the blemish eraser to see what would happen with the photo. Instead it started to completely erase the bottom of the photo. The one gripe I have with PicMonkey so far is I was unable to find a undo button with out deleting the picture and starting over. I wish it was easier to fix a mistake but maybe if I play with it some more it might work better.

The final result was good, I am proud of how it turned out minus the erased part that I couldn’t figure out. I am viewing that erased part as more creativity idea than a mistake that happened. I was impressed with the tools available for me to use from PicMonkey and the different things I could do to my pictures to change how they look. I had fun making this billboard thinking of it as they went missing and I need to find them. I did a good job playing with the lighting in this picture and trying to use some of the tools I learned from the readings this week about what makes a good photo. I learned what made a good photo and how to find the same items in other people’s photos so then I felt like I was able to make better photos on my self. I learned a lot from the reading how to start taking better photos and things that make photos better when editing them.

“Music is Healing” ~ FGL

I thought long and hard about which assignment would work best for me and I would enjoy and learn the most from. I choose to do an assignment that was inserting myself into a concert from the assignment bank. I chose Florida Georgia Line because they are a band that I have followed for a while and they are the new country that brings back the roots of old country. Their music is mostly inspired from country songs in the 1980’s. I have listened to the 80’s country and it has been lost over the years and these guys are slowly bringing it back and mixing it with hip-hop and other genres. They will write some of their songs based off 80’s country music so in my opinion it is bring the thoughts of the 80’s back to life. I have been to their concerts before and they are always a great time. In this assignment I decided to put myself front and center of that arena I based it off the assignment called Concert you want to be at. I did enjoy making this project though it had its challenges.

I attempted to use Photopea to make this work. It really was a struggle. I started with learning about the layers of different photos then added the photo of myself that I was going to crop into the concert. I was able to get rid of the background on my photo without distorting my face to much. Then when I tried to make my photo smaller so it would fit in better in the concert I couldn’t get the hang of it. I tried to make it smaller a bunch of different ways and even googled it but I couldn’t get it to work for me without messing up my face or cropped part of my face completely out. Setting my photo on top of the concert was the simple part I figured out how to layer it but I still couldn’t change the size of it. I was thinking I wanted my face to be in the corner like the other little faces but I guess my photo was not supposed to be there. I used the different lasso tools, crop tools, paint brushes, and the magic wand to try and make this mash up work.

Even though, it didn’t work like I wanted it to, I have learned so much more about photoshop similar apps and what can be accomplished with them. I realized that making these photos work together was harder than I thought and while I tried my best to make it work I couldn’t seem to figure it out. It was a struggle to do this visual art piece. I learned that photo shopping someone into a different picture was a lot more work than I previous gave people credit for. I knew this band meant something to me and I wanted to showcase how close to them I wanted to sit while I was there.