College Room Looks

My room at college looks a lot more put together than my room at home does now. I don’t know if that is because I am never home long enough to put things in place or I am just not caring as much because most of my stuff is at school. My college room has a color theme going on for the most part. I don’t have as much on my walls as I would like do to the restrictions, but everything I do have fits together.

This assignment was to take and make a collage of pictures of my room and explain why things are designed they way they are. This assignment is worth 3 stars. I enjoyed this assignment because it made me stop and think why I placed objects where I did.

This is my room at school. I like having my desk in the corner because then I can focus easier with less to look around and be distracted from. With my desk in the corner I can look at a blank wall then I will get bored and go back to doing my work. My bed is in the back because it is away from the morning light so I am able to sleep in with my curtains and not have to worry about the light. My fridge is next to my sink so I can manage the fridge, keep it clean, and refill my coffee maker when needed. I placed the dresser on the opposite side of wall from my bed so that I can occasionally watch tv from my bed or my desk. Most of the time I will put music on there and can see and hear it from every spot in my room. I have organized my room the way I see fit. I do have a color theme of blues going on in my room. My favorite color is a teal blue like the background of this photo and the objects in my room reflect that I feel like. Most things are blue when I have a choice, my accent pieces are white and black mostly, like my comforter and the carpet is gray and white which works well with a very blue carpet.

I got the inspiration from my room at home which is mostly blue, and the same color scheme while using different pieces of furniture and accents. I think I did very well showing my room off. I keep it pretty clean so I did not have a lot to do to prep for this photo shoot. I enjoyed this project and and enjoyed getting to show off my room, and explain why I did things the way I did.