Footloose, Ren is here!

This visual assignment on pixel art was a lot of fun to try and create. I did not expect it to be so difficult in such a short project, but the number of pixels really makes a difference with how detailed I can be. This assignment was worth 3.5 stars. I found this assignment from Meggs and Bacon’s blog. I really liked the idea and found the original assignment in the bank. I thought I could make it look realistic pretty easily, while I think I can tell what it is, I’m not sure about telling if you don’t see the original photo first. Their blog inspired me to try pixel art and I was thinking of fun movies I could use. I really like footloose and some of the more musical movies from the 80’s so I figured Ren McCormick from Footloose would be a good choice to try and make a pixel art image in only 16×16 squares for detail. I also figured since the theme for this class is the 80’s what better way to represent it but pixel art because technology was not the same back then as it is now.

This is the image I was using to make my pixel art. It is a scene of Ren dancing at the end of the movie, they are all dancing for the final part in the warehouse. Ren is the dancing star of the movie and seems to be the one in charge of most of the moves so I saw it fitting to make him the star of this blog post.

Like my classmate used I also used Pixilart website. This was a really cool website to use that allowed me to choose the size of project I wanted to do, as well as change to multiple colors for the project. I started with Ren’s head and a skin tone color that I liked, then added some hair around his head. I was trying to make his hair a little spiky like it was in the original picture. Then I started to move down and do his suit. I made the decision that I was not going to be able to do the white color with the limited number of squares I had so I went straight for the black bow tie. After that, I added the red jacket and decided to change the position of his hands because while I like this picture his hands are very blurry because he was moving. I decided to put him outside so I could have more fun with the background. He is outside with the green grass and sun in the sky. Much like the weather today I put a few white clouds in the sky to make it look more realistic. I also used the foreground/ background rule from the reading to make the grass darker as it went further away from the focal point of Ren.

I am proud of this pixel art I created. I think it does look like him as well as it could for the number of pixels I was able to use. I added the details that I could and made up a few of my own to go along with it. I was able to learn more about using my photos to create different types of artwork. I was also able to put the rule of thirds into affect from the articles. Ren is only in the middle third of the page and the sun is in a separate third, while the rest is background sky and grass.