Who’s there?

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, I found someone in my room when I came back from class. I walked in my door and there was this figure on the wall near my desk that just stood there. I had no idea what could have caused it so I quickly took out my phone and took a pic, I was able to edit it a little with my phone making it black and white so I could see the figure clearer and change the contrast so I could see the outline better. I decided to add the breaking news because this is the fist time something like this has happened to me so that was an artistic addition. I had no idea what this thing could be in my room when it was locked on campus. Then I remembered and old story I heard about one of the dorms that there was a ghost there and sometimes people would see or hear things that they couldn’t explain so they would just blame the ghost. I am thinking did the ghost come back to haunt my room now??? They would say someone died back in the 80’s and still haunts the place. I think my shadow is a ghost from the 80’s.

For this assignment I needed to create a shadow using light and develop a story from it. I opened my curtains to let the natural light in and saw a shadow of myself on the wall that looked good. I edited the photo a little more to get the outline of the shadow down and uploaded it to youtube because I added the breaking news 3D moving piece that made the photo no longer a JPG.

I enjoyed this assignment because I was able to get create and play with the lighting around me while still using my body as the main prop. This assignment was worth 2.5 stars. I like the way this shadow turned out and I am proud of this image I was able to capture. The inspiration did come from hearing ghost stories in my time here about the campus, and I thought how much fun I could have incorporating that in my story about this shadow.