Cute Little Chipmunks

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As I wake up in the morning from my night of sleep I catch a glimpse of this creature. I was just sleeping in a nice soft tree and this creature on two legs comes walking by my tree. I popped out of the tree and looked around, it was a giant that was near me, but I’m not to sure what it is. I decided I was going to follow the creature a little while I find my breakfast. I couldn’t keep up at all with this huge creature, I was getting to hungry and luckily smelt acorns so I went digging for some food. As I was finishing the my breakfast another giant was moving by me. I chase the giant again as I run towards my friends tree. I hear this giant thing making these noises but I can’t understand what they are saying all of a sudden there is a chipmunk. I turned my head and looked around to find the chipmunk. I see these big things moving towards me and looking like they might be pointed towards me. I come to realize they are fingers pointing at me. I’m the chipmunk! What? I didn’t think I was different from everyone else.

There goes another creature that I guess is a person walking by. I follow them and manage to get inside their structure. I smell something inside, but its not acorn, nutty smell. This is a smell I have never smelled before so I’m not to sure what this is. I am moving around this place and climbing these tree like things with giants on them. My curiosity has peaked and I’m excited to look around and smell all these things. I see the giant put something in its mouth, I want a bite of it so I sneak up the tree like think to get to the food and pick up a big piece and run away to eat it. These giants are leaving the structure and heading back into my home and I can see my tree in the distance. I see these giants enter another structure and other places throughout the sun light.

I see the tree getting prettier and the sky getting darker, so it must be time for me to find some supper and get ready to sleep. I see the giant leave a structure and going back to the other one they were in earlier today. I get to digging and find some more acorns to eat because my little tummy is hurting. It is now getting black outside, no more sunlight and I get to climbing up my tree. I find my mossy spot in the tree where I am going to rest until the light comes back.

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For this assignment I wrote about a non-human character witnessing people go about their daily routine. This blog post was worth 3 stars.

Veggie Burger? Is it worth it?

Lunch today was interesting to say the least. I got tired of eating pizza so I went and got a veggie burger. While I am not a vegetarian (far from it) I heard good times about it and figured I should try it. I ordered the burger with ketchup, mayo, and tomato simple but tasty I thought in my mind. I also decided to get a drink and fries that were just coated in sea salt because I wanted to see what the fries actually tasted like. I went up to the line and ordered it quickly before I changed my mind. I was scared to have my first ever veggie burger and how it might taste.

When my food was ready they called my last name and I walked up to grab it. I was looking for the color and texture of the burger. The bun was normal warm and crisp while the “burger thing” appeared to look like beef. I was very confused what I had ordered of it they messed my order up. I had never heard of a meatless burger looking like meat and still wasn’t sure what I had actually ordered. I went to try a fry first because I assumed I knew what they were going to taste like and I was correct. They were scalding hot slightly burnt french fries with salt they just melted in my mouth from the first one to the last. I next went in to take a bit of my burger to see what it was all about. When I tasted it, it was like beef, I was sure they gave me the wrong meal but why complain I like beef. I kept eating the burger that was oozing and dripping with mayo and ketchup until the next bite kind of started to taste like grass, I was not shocked it was more of this is what I thought a veggie burger would taste like. I took another bite of my burger and it tasted like beef again. It felt like a beef patty in my mouth and tasted like a beef patty. I was sure something was wrong, so I walked back up to the counter and asked them if I had gotten the correct burger and the lady said I had. That is when it hit me that veggie burgers taste just about the same as other meat burgers but without the meat. It was squishy and gushy just like any other burger and it was still slightly pink to where it looked like a medium well burger.

This definitely was a lunch to remember. It was strange but tasty. When I sit back and think about this meal it reminds me of a meal I had in Italy, where I tried something new for the first time and it wasn’t horrible but I like the burger better. When we were there my dad convinced me to try his tripe in red sauce. For those of you that were just like me not having a clue with tripe it, let me enlighten you. Tripe is cow stomach lining that gets cooked and served in different parts of the world. I did not want to try it because I just thought it would be gross but when we were there my dad got it and let me try it for the first time. I was surprised by the flavor and texture, it was not as gross as I was expecting. The red sauce it was in was a very good tomato sauce that was spiced up and the the trip was good while it still seemed rubbery to me, it was edible. I tried it and I am happy that I did because now I can say that I have tried it to go along with my new food a veggie burger.

For this assignment I needed to tell about the last meal I ate and describe it in detail. This blog assignment was worth 3.5 stars.

I decided to do some background research to figure out when the veggie burger was created and according to google and the Smithsonian it was in London in 1982 by Gregory Sams. This shows that during the 80’s people were not only experimenting with music, hair, and clothes but also new ways of eating and the ingredients they used. Sams used the burger to make being a vegetarian cool again because the only people that were vegetarians then were the hippies. He wanted to broaden the score of meatless burgers to more people that did not consider themselves hippies. He also helped to make vegetarian food become mainstream for more people. Without realizing it I am supporting the idea of mainstream meatless burgers with others just like Sams did in the 80’s

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Picture is from the Smithsonian magazine. It is of George Sams and meatless dishes called vegetarian.

The inspiration for this assignment was relatively simple, I had to remember what I ate for lunch and be able to describe it in detail. I thought it was going to be harder than it was to bring up details about my food I ate. I figure if I can do it about the food I can become creative about anything.

In writing assignments I am mostly just using my blog to create the assignments based off the bank. I had to sit back and think about what I ate and the best way to describe it, but once I started to write about it, it just seemed to flow until I was complete. I picked this assignment because I know that I can struggle with details of the story that are relevant. I tend to add to many details where it goes overboard for the main idea of the story. I worked on adding enough detail where the reader understands what I go through but not to much extra where they get bored and stop reading.

Bucket List?

Most people can come up with a bunch of things they want to do before they die. I am grateful and feel lucky that I have already accomplished some of the items that would be on my bucket list. With that being said, I am going to make a bucket list and strike through the ones I already did but at other points as well.

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  1. Go to Italy and see Rome, Florence, and Venice -I wanted to go because that’s where my family is from and I though it would be beautiful
  2. Swim with dolphins- I think they are gorgeous creatures that have their own language
  3. Go to Greece and visit or Italian countryside- the countryside I think is just breathtaking and romantic
  4. Get a piece of land to live on with horses- It has always been a dream to have horses that I could ride whenever I wanted to
  5. I would like to go on vacation and jot have to worry about money so as my dad says live like I’m a millionaire for a while- I would like this because I have always been cautious about money and being careful How I choose to spend it.
  6. I want to be able to get a Kate Spade purse- while I do have the money I can’t bring myself to buy it but I think they are a dream purse I would want
  7. I want to ride on a yacht- While this one is very odd I think it could be so cool to pretend to be rich for a day
  8. Get married- that’s a dream of mine to marry someone I want to spend the rest of my life with

For this assignment I needed to think of things I would want to do and make a bucket list based off this assignment worth 2 stars. The few things I thought of growing up I have been able to accomplish so now I feel like its more of a thing list because I have everything else. I am happy, I have a good family, and I have been able to do some traveling. With this list I really had to think about what else I would want that I have not done yet. The inspiration for this assignment comes from my life, what I have wanted since I was a child and what I think I could practically reach now.

This assignment was relatively easy for me though, it just time and thought to come up with ideas for a bucket list. It was fun and creative to sit and think about what I would want to do or get if I had money and things I just want to be part of. This assignment was different from ones I would normally pick because it was basically open ended but I thought it could be interesting to try it and see how I can be.

Dear Future Husband,

By the time you are hopefully reading this we would have been married for 1 month already. I hope it feels like time flies when we are together. I am so thankful to have found someone as special as you. You are the person that I can run to with any problems and you don’t judge me but help me solve the problems. I am so excited with all the adventures we have accomplished already and looking forward to the ones the we come up with. You are such a gentleman to me, and you were able to win my dad’s heart over which meant I didn’t have a chance, I was going to marry you. I always dreamed about you and now here you are and we are married! This is still crazy to think how I found someone so perfect for me. You are able to keep me grounded, while still embracing my wild side.

While I don’t agree with the entire song parts of it are what I want the dates, the understanding of we both work jobs so don’t expect me to do everything in life. I still hope my future husband makes me want to write a song because I love him so much and want to tell the world about him.

I have a few ground rules that we need to figure out before to much time goes on. First, it is not my job to clean the house; we both work full time jobs so we need to both come together to clean the house and keep it clean. Next, I will make dinner but leftovers are good, and if you my husband wants to make dinner one night you certainly can and I won’t complain. If we decide and finances let us stay home with children in the future, I expect things to get done around the house if you are home. You are not going to sit around and watch tv all day while I work hard for the money or vice se versa. I love that you are a handy man and can fix things around the house, you may know more about that stuff than I do even though I will never admit it lol.

I hope I am everything you dreamed of because you are for me and more. I love when I see you with children and your eyes light up and you become a big teddy bear to them and they love you for that. I enjoy watching it, and thinking about our future with children and how you will be with them. I want to be able to say and feel how lucky I am to be your wife.

For this assignment it was to create a letter to my future husband and tell him what I like, expect from him and hope for the future.


Your Wife, hopefully one of these days I will get used to saying that

“Ever think of things to say to your future husband or wife? Write down a short letter to your future husband or wife letting them know the things you want to see in them, expect, and hope the future will be like with them! “

DS 106 Assignment bank where this one is 3.5 stars in the writing area

I decided to use what I grew up on and seeing in my parents and these two songs are really where my fairy tale love is from.

“Have I told you lately that I love you
Have I told you there’s no one above you
Fill my heart with gladness
Take away my sadness
Ease my troubles, that’s what you do”

In just this quote I feel so much love that he has for her, and I want to feel that when I think about my future husband. I want the love from the simpler days where love was love and it wasn’t complicated, where marriage was between two people that loved each other and wanted to conquer the world together. I want my future husband to do this to me and I hope that I do the same for him. Even though this is an older song from the 80’s the lyrics are still true today and should still be listened to and followed. I hope when you read this letter you feel the same way towards me and we continue to be this in love with each other until the day we die.


I am definitely a music lover, I can sit around all day and just listen to music. Music has always connected me with my emotions better than I could do in words. I use music to convey my feelings and get through some tough times. This assignment really spoke to me in that the feeling I get from this song and how true to my life it is. I know I’m still in college but recently I reconnected with someone I used to be into and things didn’t work out then but when we reconnected it just clicked and worked together. The person LANCO is talking about is the same kind of person that gives me butterflies every time I see them. This song speaks to me.

This assignment was to make a twitter post with a song and how it made me feel.

I picked this assignment because I am so connected to music and it makes me feel so many different ways. I picked a love song that shows some of the heartache a person may feel but if they are the right one they will come back to that one person.

I love that the song is so cute and sweet. Especially at minute 2:50 when he sings,

” So you came back after a long four years
Your college boyfriend didn’t work out
So we went out for a couple of drinks to find out who we are now
Sure we changed but way deep down you had the same old feelings for me ”

This really hit me. I felt and still feel so hopeful listening to this song. This almost feels like my story where timing was an issue I guess, and after time had passed we went back out and things worked and are still working. I know part of it doesn’t apply to me because I am still in college but I think the lyrics are more about the idea of time passing and things may change but some things never will. This song just gives me hope and lets me dream a bit.

I was able to complete this assignment using my previous music knowledge and I knew most of the lyrics so I just had to listen to the song once to find at what point it said the lyrics I wanted to pull. This assignment was relatively easy in the class standpoint, but was more real than I feel that some others have been. This hits home to me and my life, or what I want my life to be like and how it has been so far. I have gotten pretty good at embedding music into my tweets and embedding all my data into this blog. I just struggle with what all to say without repeating it to much, I could just keep going on about how this song makes me feel almost every line is something different. I was able to really dig deep and find how this song made me feel, and what this song means to me.