Veggie Burger? Is it worth it?

Lunch today was interesting to say the least. I got tired of eating pizza so I went and got a veggie burger. While I am not a vegetarian (far from it) I heard good times about it and figured I should try it. I ordered the burger with ketchup, mayo, and tomato simple but tasty I thought in my mind. I also decided to get a drink and fries that were just coated in sea salt because I wanted to see what the fries actually tasted like. I went up to the line and ordered it quickly before I changed my mind. I was scared to have my first ever veggie burger and how it might taste.

When my food was ready they called my last name and I walked up to grab it. I was looking for the color and texture of the burger. The bun was normal warm and crisp while the “burger thing” appeared to look like beef. I was very confused what I had ordered of it they messed my order up. I had never heard of a meatless burger looking like meat and still wasn’t sure what I had actually ordered. I went to try a fry first because I assumed I knew what they were going to taste like and I was correct. They were scalding hot slightly burnt french fries with salt they just melted in my mouth from the first one to the last. I next went in to take a bit of my burger to see what it was all about. When I tasted it, it was like beef, I was sure they gave me the wrong meal but why complain I like beef. I kept eating the burger that was oozing and dripping with mayo and ketchup until the next bite kind of started to taste like grass, I was not shocked it was more of this is what I thought a veggie burger would taste like. I took another bite of my burger and it tasted like beef again. It felt like a beef patty in my mouth and tasted like a beef patty. I was sure something was wrong, so I walked back up to the counter and asked them if I had gotten the correct burger and the lady said I had. That is when it hit me that veggie burgers taste just about the same as other meat burgers but without the meat. It was squishy and gushy just like any other burger and it was still slightly pink to where it looked like a medium well burger.

This definitely was a lunch to remember. It was strange but tasty. When I sit back and think about this meal it reminds me of a meal I had in Italy, where I tried something new for the first time and it wasn’t horrible but I like the burger better. When we were there my dad convinced me to try his tripe in red sauce. For those of you that were just like me not having a clue with tripe it, let me enlighten you. Tripe is cow stomach lining that gets cooked and served in different parts of the world. I did not want to try it because I just thought it would be gross but when we were there my dad got it and let me try it for the first time. I was surprised by the flavor and texture, it was not as gross as I was expecting. The red sauce it was in was a very good tomato sauce that was spiced up and the the trip was good while it still seemed rubbery to me, it was edible. I tried it and I am happy that I did because now I can say that I have tried it to go along with my new food a veggie burger.

For this assignment I needed to tell about the last meal I ate and describe it in detail. This blog assignment was worth 3.5 stars.

I decided to do some background research to figure out when the veggie burger was created and according to google and the Smithsonian it was in London in 1982 by Gregory Sams. This shows that during the 80’s people were not only experimenting with music, hair, and clothes but also new ways of eating and the ingredients they used. Sams used the burger to make being a vegetarian cool again because the only people that were vegetarians then were the hippies. He wanted to broaden the score of meatless burgers to more people that did not consider themselves hippies. He also helped to make vegetarian food become mainstream for more people. Without realizing it I am supporting the idea of mainstream meatless burgers with others just like Sams did in the 80’s

Image result for invention of veggie burger
Picture is from the Smithsonian magazine. It is of George Sams and meatless dishes called vegetarian.

The inspiration for this assignment was relatively simple, I had to remember what I ate for lunch and be able to describe it in detail. I thought it was going to be harder than it was to bring up details about my food I ate. I figure if I can do it about the food I can become creative about anything.

In writing assignments I am mostly just using my blog to create the assignments based off the bank. I had to sit back and think about what I ate and the best way to describe it, but once I started to write about it, it just seemed to flow until I was complete. I picked this assignment because I know that I can struggle with details of the story that are relevant. I tend to add to many details where it goes overboard for the main idea of the story. I worked on adding enough detail where the reader understands what I go through but not to much extra where they get bored and stop reading.