I am definitely a music lover, I can sit around all day and just listen to music. Music has always connected me with my emotions better than I could do in words. I use music to convey my feelings and get through some tough times. This assignment really spoke to me in that the feeling I get from this song and how true to my life it is. I know I’m still in college but recently I reconnected with someone I used to be into and things didn’t work out then but when we reconnected it just clicked and worked together. The person LANCO is talking about is the same kind of person that gives me butterflies every time I see them. This song speaks to me.

This assignment was to make a twitter post with a song and how it made me feel.

I picked this assignment because I am so connected to music and it makes me feel so many different ways. I picked a love song that shows some of the heartache a person may feel but if they are the right one they will come back to that one person.

I love that the song is so cute and sweet. Especially at minute 2:50 when he sings,

” So you came back after a long four years
Your college boyfriend didn’t work out
So we went out for a couple of drinks to find out who we are now
Sure we changed but way deep down you had the same old feelings for me ”

This really hit me. I felt and still feel so hopeful listening to this song. This almost feels like my story where timing was an issue I guess, and after time had passed we went back out and things worked and are still working. I know part of it doesn’t apply to me because I am still in college but I think the lyrics are more about the idea of time passing and things may change but some things never will. This song just gives me hope and lets me dream a bit.

I was able to complete this assignment using my previous music knowledge and I knew most of the lyrics so I just had to listen to the song once to find at what point it said the lyrics I wanted to pull. This assignment was relatively easy in the class standpoint, but was more real than I feel that some others have been. This hits home to me and my life, or what I want my life to be like and how it has been so far. I have gotten pretty good at embedding music into my tweets and embedding all my data into this blog. I just struggle with what all to say without repeating it to much, I could just keep going on about how this song makes me feel almost every line is something different. I was able to really dig deep and find how this song made me feel, and what this song means to me.