Weekly Summary

So this week has been very unexpected in terms of course work and life. This course is already different than what I was expecting it to be like. I thought of myself as a somewhat tech savvy person until I was asked to make all of this social media I have never even heard of. Already I have watched myself grow during this week. I already had a twitter created but I have not been active on it in years so I was struggling to get into my account. I started off by trying to make a new account and it wouldn’t let me because I already had one created then I was trying to get in and couldn’t remember the password so I ended up resetting it. I eventually was able to figure it out. I also had never heard of sound cloud until this class so that was a new experience creating an account there. The other social media I already had and either used or made a new one that could be public. I had a pretty easy time establishing the blog and doing my introduction posts. I find that I can write pretty easily what I think about my issue arises when it’s something I am not interested in or have trouble relating to. So far, I am really enjoying writing these blog posts and expressing my thoughts into my very own blog. I know that may sound corny but I will journal but rarely type unless its for a paper of some sort. I think I’m enjoying this because it’s more personal and there doesn’t seem to be a right or wrong answer as long as it follows the criteria provided.

I’m going to attach the other two blog posts I have written this week and then the media that I have created.

This is my 80’s blog post:


I’m not sure if I’m the only one having issues embedding my instagram account.
My introduction on youtube
My soundcloud introduction
My twitter account and above is my introduction to this course.

This week overall I learned for the first time how to embed media into a blog and create a blogging account along with some new things about each of the media outlets we will be using in this class. I have also reconnect with media I have almost forgotten about.

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