Where’s Waldo? or my family?

What happened to family and friends. I was assigned to make a billboard looking for them. They went missing and I am trying to find them. I was able to find pictures of my friends and family so others can see what they look like. This assignment was worth 3 stars.

I made this assignment using PicMonkey free trial. I imported the billboard picture then found the others on my computer or social media and added them to the software. Then I had fun playing around with different features this website allows me to do, different features like changing the colors, cropping, fixing blemishes, and adding effects like film grain which I used for one of my photos. I really enjoyed playing around with the different effects and playing with the different options that were available even in the free trial. I was able to test out different textures and lighting options that were available.

I was thinking of using my family and a picture I liked of my friends from high school because I don’t get to see them as much anymore. I wanted the put these pictures on the billboard to be able to showcase what my life looked like even thought my sister recently graduated it is still part of me being home and I feel like that is a separate section of my life than being at school. I was able to import the other two pictures on top of the billboard and size them appropriately. Then I decided to play around with the finishing touches of a picture, I did a grain option for the photo on the left and on the right, I decided to put a spotlight on the top left corner. That worked out well until I started to play with the blemish eraser to see what would happen with the photo. Instead it started to completely erase the bottom of the photo. The one gripe I have with PicMonkey so far is I was unable to find a undo button with out deleting the picture and starting over. I wish it was easier to fix a mistake but maybe if I play with it some more it might work better.

The final result was good, I am proud of how it turned out minus the erased part that I couldn’t figure out. I am viewing that erased part as more creativity idea than a mistake that happened. I was impressed with the tools available for me to use from PicMonkey and the different things I could do to my pictures to change how they look. I had fun making this billboard thinking of it as they went missing and I need to find them. I did a good job playing with the lighting in this picture and trying to use some of the tools I learned from the readings this week about what makes a good photo. I learned what made a good photo and how to find the same items in other people’s photos so then I felt like I was able to make better photos on my self. I learned a lot from the reading how to start taking better photos and things that make photos better when editing them.

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