Weekly Summary

So this week has been very unexpected in terms of course work and life. This course is already different than what I was expecting it to be like. I thought of myself as a somewhat tech savvy person until I was asked to make all of this social media I have never even heard of. Already I have watched myself grow during this week. I already had a twitter created but I have not been active on it in years so I was struggling to get into my account. I started off by trying to make a new account and it wouldn’t let me because I already had one created then I was trying to get in and couldn’t remember the password so I ended up resetting it. I eventually was able to figure it out. I also had never heard of sound cloud until this class so that was a new experience creating an account there. The other social media I already had and either used or made a new one that could be public. I had a pretty easy time establishing the blog and doing my introduction posts. I find that I can write pretty easily what I think about my issue arises when it’s something I am not interested in or have trouble relating to. So far, I am really enjoying writing these blog posts and expressing my thoughts into my very own blog. I know that may sound corny but I will journal but rarely type unless its for a paper of some sort. I think I’m enjoying this because it’s more personal and there doesn’t seem to be a right or wrong answer as long as it follows the criteria provided.

I’m going to attach the other two blog posts I have written this week and then the media that I have created.

This is my 80’s blog post:


I’m not sure if I’m the only one having issues embedding my instagram account.
My introduction on youtube
My soundcloud introduction
My twitter account and above is my introduction to this course.

This week overall I learned for the first time how to embed media into a blog and create a blogging account along with some new things about each of the media outlets we will be using in this class. I have also reconnect with media I have almost forgotten about.

The 80’s still relevant?

The overall theme from the 80’s seems to be the changing of social norms and what is acceptable. According to the Netflix documentary the 80’s a lot has changed. This was a generation that was raised with televisions in the home to watch and the losing of the fireside chats and it was watching pictures on the screen instead. There became a variety of channels to watch instead of just the 3 news channels. People started to watch tv for entertainment and not just for the news.


I was trying to embed this video but I think because I needed a subscription to access the video the link will not show like a normal video. I used Netflix to view this because I already had a Netflix account for other reasons and it was free there.

Examples of storytelling would be how in the 80’s it became more popular for someone to say I saw that event on tv instead of saying yeah I was in that place. Its like today most people people will watch the ball drop in central park on tv and fewer go to Central park because there is not a need to go there anymore. We as consumers can get a better view of whats going on and better angles from the tv instead of fighting the crowds. It gave a new meaning to the feeling of being in that location while just watching it on television. The 80’s was a turning point of society and how it was going to change to keep moving on.

I think that the 80’s were a time for young people to join society and make it a point to improve the place in which we live in. The underlying theme of this period would be how much life changed and people started to become addicted to technology which some are still addicted to today. The technology that was popping up slowed the amount of parents and children wanting to leave the home and play outdoors, instead there were day time shows and reality tv shows that were playing so everyone was happy with what was possible to watch. Technology has changed the rest of society from then on for worst or better people have let technology become an intricate part of their lives. Themes for the semester could be how people have become so addicted to technology.

Introduction to DS 106

Hello All, Hope everyone’s first day of classes are going well. My name is Sophia Romano and I am a senior at UMW. I’m in their 5 year masters for education program and psychology department. This will be my first ever online class so naturally I’m curious how it will go.

I’m going to add my social media here so feel free to add, or follow me!


I struggled to embed my instagram into this blog post, but i have attached the link and a picture or my new account for this class.

This is my introductory post to my instagram account I will be using for this class.

Here I am embedding my youtube welcome video. This one was pretty simple after I figured out to record on my computer which should have been a simple task because it has a camera integrated to it.

Here is my youtube channel, its connected to my gmail and the picture while it is an older one, I still think it looks like me and have no desire to change it. It brings back memories of growing up and my childhood with my mom and my dad.
My introduction to soundcloud
Here is my profile for soundcloud and it is public so go ahead and like, follow, share anything that connects to you.
So unlike some of my classmates and the comments I read I was able to add my twitter post directly into this blog by coping and pasting the link. I did however, have to click on the individual post to twitter and copy that link but then it was added into this blog.

I have already made introductions on all is my social media accounts for this class, Please feel free to comment on them and provide constructive feedback. I am nervous in front of the camera if that was not obvious but I feel like it will get better the more I do them. I’m a more reserved person so I would hit a wall with what else to talk about in front of the camera especially about myself. I am really bad at describing myself, instead I can answer questions if any of my classmates have any. I look forward to learning more about myself and everyone else throughout this semester and if anyone has anything they think I should have included please let me know.


Sophia Romano