Princess Bride

This assignment was fun to complete. I decided to take a movie from the 80’s and add a quote to it from the movie showing how space and design play a role where they eye looks initially. This assignment was to take a picture from the movie and add a quote to it over the image for 2.5 stars. I decided on the Princess Bride because I really like the entire movie and there are some good quotes in it that are true or just funny. I started by looking for pictures from the movie that I liked, then thought of quotes that I like online and added them together just using word and their formatting tools. I had a tough choice between which quotes I wanted to use that would make the least sense with the photo. My goal was to mismatch the picture and the quotes. I decided to find a quote that made some sense with the picture but still funny.

I think I did a good job at using the space I had. I made the background of the text white so it would stick out more on the black shirt and the space I used is still rule of thirds. I enjoyed working with it and figuring out the spatial part of this week and design of the entire picture. The mini version of the buy in black in the corner I think is a cool artistic side, feels like he’s showing how the bigger version is feeling, like a mini me version. I just am a fan of the movie, I think the 80’s produced some really good movies, and scenes with quotes that will last forever.

Just extra because I still like the quote 🙂

This was going to be the other quote I was going to do with a different picture because it is so iconic and from the 80’s revenge feeling.


I have always wanted a tattoo as long as I can remember, the older I get the more picky I become but the rose idea hasn’t changed for a while. The rose has some deep personal meaning to me and it is also a family name. For this assignment I had to create a tattoo that included 2 examples of rules we are learning for 3.5 stars. I decided to google and use the tattoo generator to come up with this design, now I may shade it in but I don’t think so.

This is the tattoo I want to have, not to sure where but i like the way it is placed. This is a good example of topography because of the different fonts used as well as size of different fonts. The size of the top font signify importance but the bottom is showing how intricate love is and how intertwined it is with the rest of the words. There is no period after love because love never ends, while living and laughing eventually end. This is also a good example of minimalism because there are clean lines and not a lot of details just simple lines to create an elegant picture. There is the outline of the rose and the words are written a little more bold which draws attention to the words but the rose is important being there showing the little bit of design can make a big difference.

I was inspired by the rose because that is my middle name and its the name of many of my family members. The words beneath it are words I want to live by because I think they make for a good and happy life. I was able to use google and word to put these different things together then to safe it as a JPEG to upload to my blog. I enjoyed being able to think and really figure out why I like this tattoo and the spent time figuring out what font I wanted my words in as well as size because they do make so much of a difference. I think I did a good job with this and it represents what I want very well as well as satisfies the assignment. I used what I learned to come up with this picture with words. I enjoyed having it work well and able to tell what I like about the minimalist design as well as the topography. I picked those two characteristics because they are the ones I spent the most time figuring out and editing to see how I want it to look in the end. I am happy with how this assignment turned out even though it took a lot of time it was very much worth it.

Dirty Dancing

To start this week off I decided to do a minimalist movie poster for the movie Dirty Dancing from the 80’s for 3.5 stars. I am really excited for this week because I do enjoy design and designing different things and being creative that way. I enjoyed this project and it was relatively quick because I knew what I wanted to do with it.

I am lucky enough to have a computer that accepts me writing on my screen withe a pen I have. I used a word document and wrote with my pen describing the movie in a poster form. The minimalist part was the hardest part for me because I enjoy things and details that go into pictures and designs. I thought of making music notes and the black lines represent smell. The dress is supposed to be like Baby’s dress from the movie with a little more color. I took a very literal meaning to the story title, dirty is the smell, and dancing is the dress and music notes. Below is my movie poster for the movie Dirty Dancing.

I think I did a good job with the poster, the only issue could be that I added to much and it was not minimalist enough to be correct. I was trying to make it there but also give it enough detail to be able to tell what movie I was talking about. I definitely understand it is important that we put things in certain places to make a certain picture and feeling.

I was trying to think of ideas that were not exact to the movie but meant the same thing. I was trying to be creative while also placing the object in certain locations to make more of a meaning and feeling than placing somewhere else.

Intro to Design

To start this week we had to read 2 different books/articles on design and what it is. The first was Wayback Machine.

In this book he talks about the important aspects of design and what makes them stand out. He mentioned semantics first which is meaning of what we design. As a designer we all need to find meaning and a level of understanding for what we create and why we created it that way. The next thing he mentions is syntactics which is the detail of the creation and the different elements used to get there. We also need to watch out for how it is created and the symmetry that is there which would mean grids can be best for starting to learn and keep things consistent. He also includes others that play a role in creation and making the design have sense and a reason behind it. Design is the best when it displays timeless actions or events where creations will stand the test of time and still have value. Designs can and should have a different variety of meanings based on the person viewing them and their thinking structure. Logos are when we see something in the public eye for many years and afterwards we view the picture and automatically think of the logo even when no words are present. The paper size, margins, along with other ideas help to play a major role in the design of why things are placed the way they are. It is best practice according to the book that the headings are double size font to the text in the design which draws the readers attention better.

Overall I agree with what  Massimo Vignelli, said in the book, where design is an important feature of the creative mind. It does have rules but they are different than those of academic nature. Color, size, text, and layout all play a role in what the overall end design will look like and it will convey a certain message to the reader as they see the design. The way the different features are put together create the end picture that will have meaning. Times are changing for the way things look to our eye and to be on top of that we need to follow design features that make sense and are not sloppy.

In the other article, Brain Pickings article about Kidd and his book, about children’s design and the book that is geared towards the next generation of designer they mention how everything we do comes from design. They talk about how important color is when giving the design a mood and how powerful color is at conveying the mood accurately. Its designing for a problem in your mind that means a lot and we use our heads to figure out the answer while still being creative and solving the given problem. Design is about the form and content and how they come together to form a creation. This version of information was easy to grasp and understand and even though it is geared towards younger children it does still mean a lot to older people like Kidd said. Design can bring people together and the more complex the design the more complex the person’s thinking about the design.

Weekly Summary 5

The week has been the hardest yet for me. I had a learning curve to go over with editing the audio and mixing music up enough to sound different than the original. I did have fun once I started to edit and play around with the sound effects audacity had to offer. I have gotten used to editing audio by the end of this week and like 40 hours later (haha).

This week has gone by so slow and felt like I have spent so much time on this class and I need to find a new balance. This class is requiring a lot more time than I expected going into it. I have started to struggle getting all this work done and my other work done in the one week provided which includes the weekend. I am personally not a fan of starting my work over the weekend to be due Friday night but that is something I have to deal with for a few more weeks.

I have been commenting on my classmates work more and more. I have been disappointed that some of my classmates don’t allow comments so I am unable to add my thoughts to their great work. I commented on a few different blogs and ones that caught my attention and others where I felt like I could help the blogger figure out a problem they were having or I felt like I could relate or add something.

I did 3 daily creates and did blog about them and tweeted.

First we all had to do some of the same assignments for this week.

We had to listen to the DS 106 radio tweet along and blog about it. My tweets are embedded in the blog post.

We also all had to make a blog with radio show ideas

The next assignments I had to complete a total of 12 stars including the 90 sec sound clip that counted towards it.

Radio Show?

With the radio show coming up its time to come up with ideas for what I want to do for it using the 80’s theme. I am still not very sure where I want the show to go but I want to be able to have fun with it.I have a few ideas that will be in bullet form below.

  • interview with music star from the 80’s or what we think they would say
  • the attempted assassination of President Reagan; talking about what could have happened if he succeeded
  • the royal wedding of Charles and Diana from the point of view of a guest there
  • Sally Ride firsts woman in space, what was space like for her?
  • Be the person that makes the Berlin Wall fall down, there pushing the wall and breaking it down
  • Be a Simpson and make up an episode where they go to the royal wedding
  • Play different music from the 80’s and current and talk about the difference in music and how it has changed over time.

I am thinking of making it story time but also like Jimmy Fallon. I just want to be able to have fun with it and enjoy it. I think if we bring in “current events” from the 80’s it could be fun to think about what they are talking about and how they would feel to the different things now.

Daily Creates

This week we were told to blog our daily creates. While I am not to sure what that means I am going to embed them into this post. Each day I just used the first thing that came to mind for completing the daily creates. I was just trying to be creative and feel like it was something different while still me true to me.

So I started this week of 3 daily creates off with alphabet soup shapes of letters

The next create I did was talking about what I look for when I am taking a nature hike in the woods or at the beach

Finally for my final daily create I had to pick a fictional character that made me feel better and and treated me like a friend growing up or currently. I picked a character I liked to watch growing up.

80’s Sounds

This assignment was a lot of fun I had to pick my favorite sounds and mash them up together to see what they made. I decided to pull in the 80’s theme here with my sounds. I included some engines that were from the 80’s and thought about what cities in different countries would sound like when before they became big cities so I was able to include different animal sounds as well.

I downloaded 5 sounds that make me feel good and put them into audacity edited them to fade in and out, silence different sections to give other sounds solos and mashed them all up together to come up with an about 30 second clip of pleasant 80’s sounds. The inspiration was definitely 80’s for me an thinking what kinds of things my parents heard growing up compared to what I knew growing up. This was a fun assignment that I enjoyed making and think I did a good job with because I am happy with how it turned out.

DS 106 Radio

It was a different experience listening to the live radio talk show basically. I am personally not a huge fan of talk radio but the stories were interesting and really cool with the different sounds that made me feel like I was there with the characters. The live tweeting was annoying in my opinion because I was forced to clear my schedule to listen but it was a good show. In my opinion an online class is do the work as I see it fit in my schedule before the deadline. Here are my tweets from listening before I stopped tweeting and just listened trying to really enjoy what was happening.

Disney… Why not?

Who doesn’t love Disney to begin with? I grew up watching Disney and still love most of their movies. This assignment I created was Disney lyric mash up worth 4 stars. This was to take different Disney songs and sayings and mush them together to create something new. I really enjoyed this assignment and getting to play around with Disney songs never hurt. I decided to pick only songs that were around in the 80’s or came out during that time frame. The inspiration came from googling Disney songs in the 80’s and picking the ones I like the most or sayings.

I decided to use:

  • “Kiss a Girl” from Little Mermaid (’89)
  • “Under the Sea” Little Mermaid (’89)
  • Honey I Shrunk the Kids (’89)
  • “Best of Friends” Fox and the Hound (’81)
  • Popeye The sailor Man (’80)
  • I do not own any of the rights to these songs or words!

I spent probably more time than most on this assignment trying to make it perfect where people could tell where things were coming from but they were different enough that I don’t get in trouble with copyright. I think I did a good job with this mash up and got to learn even more about layering sounds in audacity and changing them around while listening the what I wanted them to sound like. I was able to make it 20 secs about without repeating the same order, I did repeat certain parts of different sounds throughout. I would use the envelope, and play around with different pitches, speeds, tempo, and other effects audacity has to offer. It was fun moving the sound around and coping certain ones to put on repeat. I also enjoyed finding Disney songs from the 80’s to use in this mash up.