25 Movies of Christmas

This assignment was a lot of work but also fun because Christmas is coming up and its almost the end of the semester. It was to create a video with my top 25 Christmas movies for 4 stars. I loved this idea and spent a lot of time finding movies and even more editing them. I started with over an hour of video and got it down to about 10 minutes long. I picked important scenes where the viewer can figure out what movie it is from the few seconds. They were all short clip except for the last one, I couldn’t help myself I love the idea and story so much I thought they already shortened the clip enough that I really didn’t do anymore shortening to it.

I feel like I did a great time, I put a lot of time and effort into this project and hope it shows. I am proud of it and the way I edited the videos together. I used my photos app on my computer to import and trim the videos after I downloaded them as mp4 so I could have a visual to go with the sound. I was then able to export it as a video file to upload later to YouTube. I enjoyed the editing of the videos even though it took way more time to do than I originally thought it could. I liked all the clips I picked to put in the movie and spent plenty of time shortening the clips from the original 3 mins per 25 clips.

Advice to 16 year old self

I decided to do an assignment giving advice to myself back when I was 16. My life was different and I have already learned a lot in a few short years. This assignment was make a video speaking to younger self for 2 stars.

I had this inspiration thinking back to all the things I did when I was 16 and some of the decisions I made. I thought it would be fun to make a video with advice to help myself if I could go back in time. I enjoyed the project and thought I did a good job giving advice and showing some of my life through pictures I could get my hands on relatively quickly. I hope everyone enjoys the little bits of advice I give myself.

I made this video using pictures off of my social media accounts, and pictures I have downloaded to my computer. I imported all pictures into my photos app and arranged them how I wanted them. I used audacity to mix some songs together than exported that as a mp3 file to upload to my photos app. I also got to play around a little bit with different motions of the pictures, the 3-d effects and text with the pictures. I had fun exploring the new Window Movie Maker app.

Video Essay

For this assignment I needed to analyze a video scene from a movie focusing on how the director made emotion and edited the video. We had to include both readings for this week and discuss it over the video.

I first found the video clips on YouTube, downloaded them and trimmed the video in my photos app. I have Window 10 on my computer and that’s where they got rid of Windows Movie Maker, but they allowed the photos app to take over and do everything like movie maker. I then imported them into my app cute the volume of the scenes. After that, I went into audacity to record my voice talking about the scene and added background music. I use the same kind of music every time just because I love it. After I was satisfied with it I exported the audio as an Mp3 to upload into my photos app to place as the audio in my movie.

I enjoyed this project, I do think it would have been more fun with more freedom to edit it. I have always enjoyed making movies from pictures and editing movies with sound, I think there is such a special way of expressing myself through video. I have just discovered I don’t really want to be in the videos, unless it is just pictures. I thought I did a good job editing with this new software for the first time. I did enjoy it, while it just took more time almost than editing audio which is funny. I enjoy playing with pictures and setting music as the only background, I don’t want to hear my voice, just music. I am happy I got to play around with the new version of Windows Movie Maker.

Weekly Summary 9

This week has calmed down since last week which is good. I had time to complete the assignments and put a lot of effort into them. I enjoyed getting to rework some assignments from previous weeks and then focusing on the final project ideas. I am just worried what that will be like. Saying that I am happy we are already thinking about it so early so we can get a head start on it if we want. I was happy with the workload this week it was enough to keep me busy but did not leave me feeling overwhelmed by the work. I also feel like this week was about reflection of other weeks and realizing that we always have room for improvement. I struggled a little with my final project ideas but I started with a decent list I think just waiting to see what will come out of it.

I enjoyed getting to do the activities this week. I am starting by inserting my other blog posts then the twitter tweets I did this week.

Final Ideas

Ummm…. so the end of the semester is coming and that means we need final project ideas. I have a few thoughts about ideas we could do that would hopefully work.

Here they are:

  • TED talk
  • an event from the 80’s first hand story
  • different food products that came out then
  • Disney related movie to the 80’s
  • Expand on trends in the 80’s
  • like a Moon walk podcast about being there
  • looking from the 80’s and predicting what life could be like now based off what they know
  • Different brands that became popular in the 80’s
  • Probably something to a mix in storytelling and audacity as well as design concepts or describing them

Here is just a start of ideas I am willing to compromise or change my ideas based off what the group wants to do and future directions for the final project.

Commercial Redo for the 80’s

I took a commercial I created for the 80’s theme and redid it while adding some background music to keep the listeners attention. I don’t think I had the time in the audio week to put as much effort into the projects as I wanted or thought it needed. This week instead I went back to it and changed it up. I added some Beauty and the Beast intro just because I like the notes and then went searching for free music royalty free and found one sound that I liked from https://www.bensound.com that allowed me to use their music as long as I gave them credit for it. I was able to mix two background tracks with my commercial and adding some Little Mermaid to the beginning. The audio weeks really showed me how much I enjoy Disney songs.

This time I am really happy with how the commercial came out and proud of the work I put into it. I learned a lot more redoing the assignment than I than I thought I would. I was able to explore audacity more and enjoy the different effects it has to offer.

I think the process of redoing previous assignments is great! It gives me the opportunity to change things that I learned since then and accept that all my work is never going to be perfect which is okay. The opportunity to fix issues or redo things that could have gone better allows me to really think about how to make them better and what the major issues were.

Daily Create Story

This assignment is about making a story with daily creates and connecting them together. This took a lot more thought than I originally anticipated. I still thought it was fun just really odd for a different thought process.

I am combining some posts from last week along with the 3 daily creates I did this week to make the most sense. In my story my daily creates are hyperlinked to certain words but the I also embedded them into the bottom of the post just to make it easier in case anything does not want to work.

I found the house I want to live in way out in the country on a wonderful ranch with land and horses. In the winter this house could light up the sky and be like a Hallmark movie with how pretty I would want to make it. There would be snowflakes everywhere around the house and on the ground. I love that each snowflake is so different and no two are alike. While the winter is such a pretty time my favorite time of year is the fall when I can really enjoy the outdoors. I get to see the changing of leaves in the trees, run outside with out being to hot or cold, and enjoy the cooler weather and different foods that come out around this time. There is apple picking, pumpkin picking, hot apple cider and so many more delicious treats to enjoy for a few months. There are so many things I love about this weather its just wonderful! I have a few odd things about myself that I don’t know many others who enjoy as well. A fun game to play with my friends in the fall is 2 truths and 1 lie and they have to pick the lie and I pick the lie for them as well. My goal in life is to live it to the fullest and learn enough to show and tell others what mistakes I made so they don’t have to make them as well. I want to be older and wiser to tell the younger generations the fun and crazy things we did and hear the things they are doing.

Radio Shows

This week we got to hear some radio shows that we created the last few weeks. I enjoyed listening to everyone’s but still don’t really like hearing my voice from a recording. I listened to one yesterday about 80’s fashion trends and they did a great job. I love how they described the clothing as if I could see it. It was impressive to see our shows coming together and seeing the final project. I enjoyed getting to hear them talk about the trends and how some of them are coming back and some are not like the shoulder pads.

I got to hear the different sounds which made sense to their theme and worked really well with the 80’s theme. I liked the different sound effects they used as transitions. All the groups so far did a great job with making the show and editing the audio. I was tweeting live with the show and enjoyed how they incorporating things that are normally seen into an audio show.

It was weird transitioning between shows, I was a little confused in the beginning about the end of one and the start of another. I thought there should have been another transition between shows not just inside the individual show themselves.

Disney Revisted

I decided to redo my Disney mash up because I rushed the last one and edited the sound to much to where I could no longer tell what the song was supposed to be. I wanted to re-visit it and do better this time to where the words flow more and it sounds better. I reworked the songs I picked and choose 2 that did not follow the 80’s theme I was going for last time because the songs worked to well to leave out. I mainly played with inserting parts of different songs to the one track and changing pitch in most of the song so it sounds different.

I enjoy this out come more than the first time because I did not go as crazy editing the sounds and left some of them natural so it sounds more like it should be together and less choppy.

These songs I picked were:

  • Kiss the Girl from Little Mermaid
  • Under the Sea from Little Mermaid
  • Popeye the Sailor theme song
  • They’re the best of friends from Fox and Hound
  • I can’t wait to be kind from Lion King
  • Tale as Old as Time from Beauty and the Beast

I really had even more fun playing with these sounds and making a story out of them. I think I made a really cute love story about 2 friends through the different words and song. I think being able to do the assignment again let me really sit there and deliberately place the songs where I wanted them not just where they fit the fastest. I enjoyed getting to redo this assignment and play around with audio but not having to worry about any theme other than what I wanted the theme to be.

Weekly Summary 8

This week has been the easiest and hardest week so far. I have really enjoyed the flexibility and time no star assignments have allowed me to work on my radio show project. I have really enjoyed not stressing about this class this week. This has been a different week and good and bad. I have enjoyed getting to edit the radio show to show the class what my group has come up with. I am working hard on these assignments and this week I felt like I actually had time to work on them for the first time this semester.

I did two daily creates this week.

Here is the first blog post I made this week about my progress

Here is a copy of our radio show from this week.

We finished our radio show this week and ready to get it online published. I have enjoyed getting to play with audacity even more than before and feel like I’m definitely getting better at sound editing. I have felt like I really was able to blossom this week and show everyone how creative I really can be. This has been the shortest week with fall break but a good one. I just did not like that it was assumed we were going to do work over fall break. None of my other professor assumed that of us except for this class, which I felt was not right. Fall break is supposed to be a break from school and the stress of classes but this project added stress to the break.