25 Movies of Christmas

This assignment was a lot of work but also fun because Christmas is coming up and its almost the end of the semester. It was to create a video with my top 25 Christmas movies for 4 stars. I loved this idea and spent a lot of time finding movies and even more editing them. I started with over an hour of video and got it down to about 10 minutes long. I picked important scenes where the viewer can figure out what movie it is from the few seconds. They were all short clip except for the last one, I couldn’t help myself I love the idea and story so much I thought they already shortened the clip enough that I really didn’t do anymore shortening to it.

I feel like I did a great time, I put a lot of time and effort into this project and hope it shows. I am proud of it and the way I edited the videos together. I used my photos app on my computer to import and trim the videos after I downloaded them as mp4 so I could have a visual to go with the sound. I was then able to export it as a video file to upload later to YouTube. I enjoyed the editing of the videos even though it took way more time to do than I originally thought it could. I liked all the clips I picked to put in the movie and spent plenty of time shortening the clips from the original 3 mins per 25 clips.

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