80’s Sounds

This assignment was a lot of fun I had to pick my favorite sounds and mash them up together to see what they made. I decided to pull in the 80’s theme here with my sounds. I included some engines that were from the 80’s and thought about what cities in different countries would sound like when before they became big cities so I was able to include different animal sounds as well.

I downloaded 5 sounds that make me feel good and put them into audacity edited them to fade in and out, silence different sections to give other sounds solos and mashed them all up together to come up with an about 30 second clip of pleasant 80’s sounds. The inspiration was definitely 80’s for me an thinking what kinds of things my parents heard growing up compared to what I knew growing up. This was a fun assignment that I enjoyed making and think I did a good job with because I am happy with how it turned out.

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