Activities for Science book

This book is a good resource for teachers to use to get fun science project ideas that will help enhance their students learning. Teachers of all ages can find activities to do with students that are fun while being outside and learning about nature.

Teachers can also use this book to send activities and projects home for students to complete with parents or by themselves. This book is a good resource for teachers to use to get their students out of the classroom and into the outdoors to learn about nature. The book uses a hand on approach to completing the activities where students are encouraged to get dirty and be outside.

The activities allow everyone that wants to be involved to be, while also providing activities that teachers could use in their classroom to extend student knowledge. One parent who homeschools their children bought the book and has good things to say about it,

We homeschool our kids, and we are big fans of keeping nature journals and such. I was looking for something to go along with our nature journals that would provide a bit more structure. This book is exactly what I was looking for. I love anything that gets their minds going, particularly in regards to being outside and not looking at a screen. I cannot say enough good things about this book. So many of the activities are very simple and require little to no materials and very minimal preparation. Yet they are brilliant, leaving me going, “Why didn’t I think to do that.”. I love how the actives leave them exploring and their wheels turning even weeks after we’ve done it as we play outside.

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