Advice to 16 year old self

I decided to do an assignment giving advice to myself back when I was 16. My life was different and I have already learned a lot in a few short years. This assignment was make a video speaking to younger self for 2 stars.

I had this inspiration thinking back to all the things I did when I was 16 and some of the decisions I made. I thought it would be fun to make a video with advice to help myself if I could go back in time. I enjoyed the project and thought I did a good job giving advice and showing some of my life through pictures I could get my hands on relatively quickly. I hope everyone enjoys the little bits of advice I give myself.

I made this video using pictures off of my social media accounts, and pictures I have downloaded to my computer. I imported all pictures into my photos app and arranged them how I wanted them. I used audacity to mix some songs together than exported that as a mp3 file to upload to my photos app. I also got to play around a little bit with different motions of the pictures, the 3-d effects and text with the pictures. I had fun exploring the new Window Movie Maker app.

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