Bucket List?

Most people can come up with a bunch of things they want to do before they die. I am grateful and feel lucky that I have already accomplished some of the items that would be on my bucket list. With that being said, I am going to make a bucket list and strike through the ones I already did but at other points as well.

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  1. Go to Italy and see Rome, Florence, and Venice -I wanted to go because that’s where my family is from and I though it would be beautiful
  2. Swim with dolphins- I think they are gorgeous creatures that have their own language
  3. Go to Greece and visit or Italian countryside- the countryside I think is just breathtaking and romantic
  4. Get a piece of land to live on with horses- It has always been a dream to have horses that I could ride whenever I wanted to
  5. I would like to go on vacation and jot have to worry about money so as my dad says live like I’m a millionaire for a while- I would like this because I have always been cautious about money and being careful How I choose to spend it.
  6. I want to be able to get a Kate Spade purse- while I do have the money I can’t bring myself to buy it but I think they are a dream purse I would want
  7. I want to ride on a yacht- While this one is very odd I think it could be so cool to pretend to be rich for a day
  8. Get married- that’s a dream of mine to marry someone I want to spend the rest of my life with

For this assignment I needed to think of things I would want to do and make a bucket list based off this assignment worth 2 stars. The few things I thought of growing up I have been able to accomplish so now I feel like its more of a thing list because I have everything else. I am happy, I have a good family, and I have been able to do some traveling. With this list I really had to think about what else I would want that I have not done yet. The inspiration for this assignment comes from my life, what I have wanted since I was a child and what I think I could practically reach now.

This assignment was relatively easy for me though, it just time and thought to come up with ideas for a bucket list. It was fun and creative to sit and think about what I would want to do or get if I had money and things I just want to be part of. This assignment was different from ones I would normally pick because it was basically open ended but I thought it could be interesting to try it and see how I can be.

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