Week 15/ Final Project

I am ending this semester after a lot of late nights and lots of work on this project as well as others. I am excited to be nearing the end, while I learned so much, I was not prepared for the work load that came with this class. I thought this class was going to go smoothly and pretty easily. I was so wrong! While this class has gone smoothly, it took more work than any of my upper level courses I have yet to take at UMW.

I am very proud of my final project and how it turned out.

This video took lots of work and I used 3 components of the semester. I used remix, audio, and video. I enjoyed getting to film the raw footage of the video as well as editing the footage later. I also included an audio back layer and in parts the main audio from audacity that I connected with the movie and finally took the original version of something and changed it up with pieces of my version of the movie. I was able to edit the video footage as well as inserting pictures of my characters and movies from the original movie. I enjoyed getting to edit the video footage. The audio was a different story, it was a nightmare! I first had all the songs on my computer downloaded then went through the movie adding the music in audacity to match the times of the video. That sounds like it just takes time, no it took everything in me not to scream a few times because my music would be off a few seconds or part of a second from the video which was incredibly frustrating. After about 5 hours of just playing around with the audio I was able to export it and put it into my movie. Then came the hard part of watching the movie enough to make sure the music lined up. I did multiple changes each time I exported the audio and it never sounded just perfect enough. I finally came to a spot I liked and saved the movie and the audio fit better than ever before. I don’t know what changed but when it was finalized the video had the correct audio. I finally remixed the original video with my version of the video which was fun to do but again a lot of work. I was finally able to get the scenes I wanted and able to make them flow with free music. I overall enjoyed this project and it taught me a lot of making videos and the time and work that goes into them.

I am happy with this project and the work I put in with Windows Movie Maker (photos), audacity and remixing in photos. I look forward to more movies I direct and edit in the future.

Final Part 1

This final project I want to re-enact a movie scene or multiple scenes from the 80’s Movie Footloose from Willard’s point of view. I will use my family and friends to act out the different features as well as some of myself along with taking the videos and editing the movie. I have started to write a script and what I want him to say for the parts of the movie. I am thinking of using flashbacks to the original movie scene after we act out the scene.

  • My goal is to have my movie be different important scenes form the movie as Willard would have seen it, and have the movie be about 15-30 mins long retelling the overall story of Footloose through they eyes of Willard. Video scenes follow:
  • I want the scenes to be when Ren and Willard first meet and show what maybe Willard felt about it. Willard will be angry and immediately defensive about Ren but still asking questions about him
  • Another scene I want to include is the warehouse scene when Ren gets bad and needs to blow off some steam, while doing what he loves. I am going to make that scene be about Willard getting upset and angry that Ren didn’t want to be friends at the time and Willard is going to blow off some steam shooting a little, and riding around in the truck.
  • A scene about still about Willard learning to dance with modern music, and having Ariel teach him, as well as how Willard feels about the dancing to show off to Rusty
  • I am also going to include pictures of the cast with who they are pretending to be.
  • I plan on portraying is the fight scene at the end of the movie between Willard and Ren I’m making it, Ren did something to upset Willard and now they are going at it for the girl, and how it makes Willard feel being around this violence and his new found friend.
  • The final scene I plan on shooting is the final dance to the theme song Footloose and having the entire cast dance around to the song one last time.

I will also include pictures of the cast with a picture of who they are trying to be in the video, as well a pictures throughout different scenes serving as a flashback to the original movie.

I plan on using video for the scenes I create, as well as pictures of the new scenes and the original scenes, and some audio overlay at times, and others will be using the actors voices in the original scene, as well as using design concepts to bring the entire production together for a video with music, audio, and pictures and doing the editing of the project. I will make a opening design element as well as where to put people in the camera view angle.

I am excited to start filming and forcing family and friends to be a part of this production so I have enough video footage to make sense. Some of the original media is going to be embedded so I can later edit it into the new production as well as a more clear understanding of what I am going to change in the scenes.

Weekly Summary 12

This week has been different than the rest. This week has been different because we have done mashup assignments and remixes of old assignments. I found the mash up assignments to be easy and allowed me to be super creative which I enjoyed and the remixes were fun because I took assignments I either did in the past or would have liked to do in the past and used them for the remix. I think I was able to be really creative this week and enjoyed the freedom we had to be this creative. I did 3 daily creates, a tutorial, and 11.5 stars of mashup assignments because the first two I did only added up to 9.5 stars and I wanted to get the 10 we needed.

First I am going to embed my daily creates:

My other assignments for this week and embedded media for videos and sound:

I did have a few issues with my next assignment with copyright, so I had to tweek it and change it up to get it to post on soundcloud.

Sad Songs

This assignment was to find three songs that make me feel a certain way while using the remix “the semester is almost ending” for no stars just for fun. I really enjoyed this assignment because music means so much to me and it shows how I feel better than I can explain myself. This inspiration has come from my radio and just driving around listening to the new and different songs that could be out there. After I picked the songs I needed to tweet them and why I think they make me feel like that.

I think I did a good job with it and enjoyed how creative I got to be with it. I was able to dig deep and find songs that are sweet but sad. Music has always held a special place in my heart and I think it means more than people can ever say. Music hits those feelings deep down that most people try and hide.

Mustache Brother

This assignment was fun, to go for no stars just a remix of an older assignment. it was about making a family billboard and adding a mustache was the remix. I enjoyed this assignment but it was very difficult to add layers in the different software programs I have. I tried it with gimp, pixlr, and photos and finally paint allowed it to work. I really struggled with this assignment trying to make it look realistic this was as close as i could get with the software I had. I think I did an okay job, just could have used better software if it was available to me. This inspiration comes from my family and my siblings. This remix assignment was difficult to complete and I hope the next one I learned enough from this one to make the next one better. I did learn a lot about paint with this assignment and how to add stickers and layers.


This assignment was fun and pretty easy to do just allowed me to be super creative. This was to take two logos that look like they belong together but do not for 2 stars.

I enjoyed this assignment and think I did well on it, being able to using pixlr because it is very user friendly. I got the inspiration from 2 things that I like and downloaded their images to insert into pixlr in different layers than played around with the placement and coloring of both images so they would match. I enjoyed playing around with the different colors and effects I could add to my logo.

Country Mash UP2

This was by far my favorite assignment yet, no matter how long it takes to complete and use audacity I am really enjoying playing around with song editing. This assignment was to make my own song using other lyrics and I kept a country rock theme mixed with the 80’s for 4.5 stars. I was able to use a bunch of songs I knew and mashed them together to create a new song with an 80’s to today twist which was fun. I kept a love theme going in my songs overall and the love of people through out their life. I first uploaded it to soundcloud and a segment was taken down so I went back in and edited the segment to sound different and sped it up a little while changing the pitch far but still able to understand the original. The second time I uploaded it, it went up without a problem which was a relief. I downloaded all the songs from youtube then listened to them editing the segments I wanted while thinking where each song would fit the best in the new song I was creating.

The songs I used are listed in the order they appear in the song:

  1. Song of the South by Alabama (1989)
  2. The Ones that Like Me by Brantley Gilbert (2017)
  3. You Give Love a Bad Name by Bon Jovi (1986)
  4. Forever and Ever, Amen by Randy Travis (1987)
  5. Check Yes or No by George Straight (1995)
  6. I Got a Car by George Straight (2013)
  7. Tried to Tell You by Brantley Gilbert (2017)
  8. Livin’ on a Prayer by Bon Jovi (1986)
  9. Born in the USA by Bruce Springsteen (1984)

I tried to incorporate the theme into the music release years and mix them with newer music that I still like. I think I did a really good job on this and it turned out exactly how I wanted it to. The only thing I would change is the amount of time I could devote to it because I used about 3 hours but if I had more time it could sound even better than it does.

Mash Up Animoji

For this assignment I had a blast! I love playing around with animojis and enjoy getting to have them mimic my facial expressions. This assignment was to use animoji to karaoke sing to a sing and upload it for 5 stars. I decided I was going to lip-sing to “What Happens in a Small Town” by Brantley Gilbert because I really like the song and the story it portrays is so true to anyone from a small town. This song is really about all the memories that are created in a small town and how the people may leave and go away but the memories stay and the sparks stay when everyone comes back to town. Like most small towns the really booming part was in the 80’s when it was still small mom and pop shops and good ole boys hunting for dinner. As well as that, Brantley Gilbert grew up in that time making fun with riding and target practice with his friends. The character also resembles me because I am weird like a monkey and will make funny faces when I can showing off my quirky attitude. The monkey is just a cute way to do that while still having fun with this assignment.

I had a lot of fun creating this karaoke assignment with my phone to post because it is a change of pace while still using elements from this class and exploring my creativity more and more. I think I did a good job on this assignment and made 2 videos because I couldn’t figure out where I wanted to take to video so I just did 2 to cover my bases. If I had the chance to do it again I would figure out a way to directly save if from my phone instead of emailing it to myself downloading it, then uploading it to youtube.

4 Icons and a Movie tutorial

I decided to make this into a tutorial for fellow ds106 classmates because I was unsure how to make up icons for any movies and thought it would be helpful to show students how to do that. I decided to use screencast and record my screen which seemed like the easiest way to show what was going on. This inspiration comes from a college class I have had where my professor put the directions up on a movie to show us how to complete the assignment using screencast. I just had to add the extension to my browser and it worked flawlessly.

The original assignment comes from 4 icons and a movie and I completed this assignment a few weeks back but it was a long assignment with a lot of work involved. I thought it would be good to show others a quicker way of doing it after I came up with the idea. After completing the assignment it did not seem as difficult as I once thought it was going to be. I made this tutorial as detailed as I thought necessary to complete it and have it make sense. I enjoyed this tutorial and making it was fun I didn’t mind hearing my voice because I was focused on the screen not how I look. Please watch the video because it really helps in the process.

Week 11 Summary

This week has been hard, I am not as into the deep editing of videos and the small details that editing videos has to have. I found this week different because it was more about the small video details versus last week where it felt more like whole picture editing. I think the week overall went well and I did have fun playing around with editing and being able to play around and find cool videos to make a movie. This week I did half my stars relating to the 80’s mostly by music and the way I put videos together. I also did 3 daily creates to complete this week’s assignments. I that the stars went well and I did a good job incorporating the opening and closing credits to my movies. I am excited to be working towards the final project and be almost done the class and the amount of information I learned so far and I think I will continue to learn till the end of the semester. I think movie making is fun and I have always enjoyed playing around with pictures and videos to make movies.

First I am going to include my daily creates that I really enjoyed participating in this week.

For my 10 stars of assignments half are related to the theme through video or music.