Commercial Redo for the 80’s

I took a commercial I created for the 80’s theme and redid it while adding some background music to keep the listeners attention. I don’t think I had the time in the audio week to put as much effort into the projects as I wanted or thought it needed. This week instead I went back to it and changed it up. I added some Beauty and the Beast intro just because I like the notes and then went searching for free music royalty free and found one sound that I liked from that allowed me to use their music as long as I gave them credit for it. I was able to mix two background tracks with my commercial and adding some Little Mermaid to the beginning. The audio weeks really showed me how much I enjoy Disney songs.

This time I am really happy with how the commercial came out and proud of the work I put into it. I learned a lot more redoing the assignment than I than I thought I would. I was able to explore audacity more and enjoy the different effects it has to offer.

I think the process of redoing previous assignments is great! It gives me the opportunity to change things that I learned since then and accept that all my work is never going to be perfect which is okay. The opportunity to fix issues or redo things that could have gone better allows me to really think about how to make them better and what the major issues were.

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