Cute Little Chipmunks

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As I wake up in the morning from my night of sleep I catch a glimpse of this creature. I was just sleeping in a nice soft tree and this creature on two legs comes walking by my tree. I popped out of the tree and looked around, it was a giant that was near me, but I’m not to sure what it is. I decided I was going to follow the creature a little while I find my breakfast. I couldn’t keep up at all with this huge creature, I was getting to hungry and luckily smelt acorns so I went digging for some food. As I was finishing the my breakfast another giant was moving by me. I chase the giant again as I run towards my friends tree. I hear this giant thing making these noises but I can’t understand what they are saying all of a sudden there is a chipmunk. I turned my head and looked around to find the chipmunk. I see these big things moving towards me and looking like they might be pointed towards me. I come to realize they are fingers pointing at me. I’m the chipmunk! What? I didn’t think I was different from everyone else.

There goes another creature that I guess is a person walking by. I follow them and manage to get inside their structure. I smell something inside, but its not acorn, nutty smell. This is a smell I have never smelled before so I’m not to sure what this is. I am moving around this place and climbing these tree like things with giants on them. My curiosity has peaked and I’m excited to look around and smell all these things. I see the giant put something in its mouth, I want a bite of it so I sneak up the tree like think to get to the food and pick up a big piece and run away to eat it. These giants are leaving the structure and heading back into my home and I can see my tree in the distance. I see these giants enter another structure and other places throughout the sun light.

I see the tree getting prettier and the sky getting darker, so it must be time for me to find some supper and get ready to sleep. I see the giant leave a structure and going back to the other one they were in earlier today. I get to digging and find some more acorns to eat because my little tummy is hurting. It is now getting black outside, no more sunlight and I get to climbing up my tree. I find my mossy spot in the tree where I am going to rest until the light comes back.

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For this assignment I wrote about a non-human character witnessing people go about their daily routine. This blog post was worth 3 stars.

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  1. This is such a creative post! I love the detail and I love how you’ve written in the perspective of a chipmunk. You used details that we can witness about the animal just from it’s general behavior but the writing feels genuine. So cute 🙂

  2. The chipmunks in those pictures are so cute. I would love to do this assignment on my dog, Sushi. I have always wondered how he perceives me and the rest of my family. This assignment sounds very cool. You did a great job on it and have inspired me to try it.

    1. Thank you! I just did my best with what a chipmunk would think in how they perceive the world. You should definitely try it with your dog!

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