Final Ideas

Ummm…. so the end of the semester is coming and that means we need final project ideas. I have a few thoughts about ideas we could do that would hopefully work.

Here they are:

  • TED talk
  • an event from the 80’s first hand story
  • different food products that came out then
  • Disney related movie to the 80’s
  • Expand on trends in the 80’s
  • like a Moon walk podcast about being there
  • looking from the 80’s and predicting what life could be like now based off what they know
  • Different brands that became popular in the 80’s
  • Probably something to a mix in storytelling and audacity as well as design concepts or describing them

Here is just a start of ideas I am willing to compromise or change my ideas based off what the group wants to do and future directions for the final project.

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