Final Part 1

This final project I want to re-enact a movie scene or multiple scenes from the 80’s Movie Footloose from Willard’s point of view. I will use my family and friends to act out the different features as well as some of myself along with taking the videos and editing the movie. I have started to write a script and what I want him to say for the parts of the movie. I am thinking of using flashbacks to the original movie scene after we act out the scene.

  • My goal is to have my movie be different important scenes form the movie as Willard would have seen it, and have the movie be about 15-30 mins long retelling the overall story of Footloose through they eyes of Willard. Video scenes follow:
  • I want the scenes to be when Ren and Willard first meet and show what maybe Willard felt about it. Willard will be angry and immediately defensive about Ren but still asking questions about him
  • Another scene I want to include is the warehouse scene when Ren gets bad and needs to blow off some steam, while doing what he loves. I am going to make that scene be about Willard getting upset and angry that Ren didn’t want to be friends at the time and Willard is going to blow off some steam shooting a little, and riding around in the truck.
  • A scene about still about Willard learning to dance with modern music, and having Ariel teach him, as well as how Willard feels about the dancing to show off to Rusty
  • I am also going to include pictures of the cast with who they are pretending to be.
  • I plan on portraying is the fight scene at the end of the movie between Willard and Ren I’m making it, Ren did something to upset Willard and now they are going at it for the girl, and how it makes Willard feel being around this violence and his new found friend.
  • The final scene I plan on shooting is the final dance to the theme song Footloose and having the entire cast dance around to the song one last time.

I will also include pictures of the cast with a picture of who they are trying to be in the video, as well a pictures throughout different scenes serving as a flashback to the original movie.

I plan on using video for the scenes I create, as well as pictures of the new scenes and the original scenes, and some audio overlay at times, and others will be using the actors voices in the original scene, as well as using design concepts to bring the entire production together for a video with music, audio, and pictures and doing the editing of the project. I will make a opening design element as well as where to put people in the camera view angle.

I am excited to start filming and forcing family and friends to be a part of this production so I have enough video footage to make sense. Some of the original media is going to be embedded so I can later edit it into the new production as well as a more clear understanding of what I am going to change in the scenes.

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  1. Great idea. It sounds pretty ambitious though, so you may want to be prepared to re-evaluate the extent of it. I’d recommend doing a storyboard to plan out the shots you would need for each scene. That would make shooting and editing easier.

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