Final Project Ideas

I am really liking the idea of rewriting the dialogue from an 80’s movie and make it accurate to 2019. This is kind of like when Footloose was remade from the 80’s to 2011 and things were more modern but kept the same story line.

Brainstorm 2

I also like the idea still of a Ted related talk from the 80’s we could use the green screen and talk about a social issue or what advice from 2019 we could warn the teens in the 80’s about. I wrote about this idea a few weeks ago and still think it could work really well and we could have a lot of fun with it.

I like the idea of a movie trailer in the 80’s and make it look like it was recorded in the 80’s, or even redo a music video from the 80’s adding the newer technology to the video and making it more modern with the same music of the 80’s.

I also am open to other ideas that could be fun while using what the HCC has to offer and incorporating this 80’s theme for the semester. I like most ideas that are easier to plan out and have solid roles in making as well as equal parts for everyone involved.

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