“Music is Healing” ~ FGL

I thought long and hard about which assignment would work best for me and I would enjoy and learn the most from. I choose to do an assignment that was inserting myself into a concert from the assignment bank. I chose Florida Georgia Line because they are a band that I have followed for a while and they are the new country that brings back the roots of old country. Their music is mostly inspired from country songs in the 1980’s. I have listened to the 80’s country and it has been lost over the years and these guys are slowly bringing it back and mixing it with hip-hop and other genres. They will write some of their songs based off 80’s country music so in my opinion it is bring the thoughts of the 80’s back to life. I have been to their concerts before and they are always a great time. In this assignment I decided to put myself front and center of that arena I based it off the assignment called Concert you want to be at. I did enjoy making this project though it had its challenges.

I attempted to use Photopea to make this work. It really was a struggle. I started with learning about the layers of different photos then added the photo of myself that I was going to crop into the concert. I was able to get rid of the background on my photo without distorting my face to much. Then when I tried to make my photo smaller so it would fit in better in the concert I couldn’t get the hang of it. I tried to make it smaller a bunch of different ways and even googled it but I couldn’t get it to work for me without messing up my face or cropped part of my face completely out. Setting my photo on top of the concert was the simple part I figured out how to layer it but I still couldn’t change the size of it. I was thinking I wanted my face to be in the corner like the other little faces but I guess my photo was not supposed to be there. I used the different lasso tools, crop tools, paint brushes, and the magic wand to try and make this mash up work.

Even though, it didn’t work like I wanted it to, I have learned so much more about photoshop similar apps and what can be accomplished with them. I realized that making these photos work together was harder than I thought and while I tried my best to make it work I couldn’t seem to figure it out. It was a struggle to do this visual art piece. I learned that photo shopping someone into a different picture was a lot more work than I previous gave people credit for. I knew this band meant something to me and I wanted to showcase how close to them I wanted to sit while I was there.

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