Parent Science books

This book is great for parents to read with their children and learn together. The book is using STEAM ideas to teach children and get them interested in the new technology. When you click the book cover it will bring you to an amazon site where you can preview the book as well as buy it, and read the great reviews posted about it. This book would be used at home for most school age children because they can interact with it and the games provided while learning valuable skills for their lifetime. One review mentioned that the adults enjoyed the activities as much as the students did.

“I want to do these activities myself, even as an adult. There is so much to learn with a STEAM approach. This book is packed with so much to learn while having fun. Kids can challenge themselves, although it can also be a fun family activity. Books like this are great, especially when used instead of tv or electronics time. It’s a great book to enhance what a child learns in school or for parents who are home schooling to use to enhance the curriculum in use. There are crossword puzzles, matching puzzles, find a word, mazes, and much more. So many skills can be developed or increased with the thought provoking and problem solving activities. The information about different types of scientists help to broaden a child’s knowledge and maybe even help them decide on a future career path. I like the Q & A’s and think they make for good family conversations, even at the dinner table. Points are available for completing each activity. The points increase and when there is a final total a level of whiz kid is identified. What kid wouldn’t want to say they’re a brainiac or genius?”

This is just one of the reviews for the book, children will learn to solve puzzles as well as learning real world skills that will help them. This book is for the parents to also bond with their young students. The book is filled with puzzles and games to complete to test their young mind while also providing an answer key at the end to correct students and show parents the correct way to solve the puzzle.

Below also is another website with the top science books of 2019 for teachers and parents to use with their children. These books are mostly nonfiction where the student is reading and learning at the same time. This website is a great resource for parents and teachers to find good educational books to share with their children. The other part of the website gives some background on who rates the books and why they started rating books and publishing the list from the government.

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