I enjoy taking photos, whether or not they are worthy photos to take I enjoy the art of taking them. While I do not know a lot about how to take good photos, I am excited to explore that this week and use what I already know to make my photography skills even better. I like snapping photos as a way to capture memories and feelings of places I have been, or with people I have have seen.

I think I take a good amount of photos on a daily basis, I never want to miss a moment to capture a memory because they are so key to remember what was going on in a specific point in time. I recently had to upgrade my phone because I ran out of storage between the processing system and the number of photos and videos I had there was no space left to even send a text message. I have used cameras and enjoy their features, but I have found with a good phone camera it is so easily accessible that I will take more pictures just because I have my phone on me.

The photos I take are mostly of places, and landscapes in my opinion. I am not very good at capturing people photos that make them look good. I will take scenery, and object photos because they are easier and normally don’t move around while I focus and figure out what I want the photo of. I take scenery photos to remember what something looked like or to jog personal feelings to an event.

For example the photo below is one of the many I take in Florence, Italy while we were there on vacation. At the time I was not looking at the photo for more than this is really cool and I want to remember it. I tried to get a slightly angular view, of the bridge over the water with all the shops on top. I did not luck out with the lighting being that it was overcast on my building and water, but the clouds looked like they had depth. I was trying to capture the feeling of the oval arches and the tiny little mom and pop stores that surround the bridge and the crowds of people everywhere. I did like that the arches were reflected on the water and it shimmered with the overcast sun.

I try to capture feelings in my photos but I don’t think I do a great job. That is something I am going to work on this week and semester as I also improve my photography skills. I hope the photo below captures the relaxation of the beach that I felt when I took it. I was enjoying the beach weather while playing in the sand. The dunes/ small footprints are from the family that mean so much to me and have impacted my life in so many ways. The beach is one of my happy places where there is no worries and the water.

After reading Telling Stories in Photos and the points from the book I have learned a lot already that I can’t wait to try. I am going to add the things I want to work on this week and the rest of the semester here so I can be accountable for improving my photography skills.

  • I need to get picker with the photos I take, and realizing that just because it looks good in the moment does not mean it is a good photo later on.
  • I also need to work on the lighting of my photos, the lighting will make or break the photo and bad lighting looks sloppy to me when I look back on some of the photos I have taken in the past.
  • I also need to work on the foreground of a good background photo. The far background is great but boring I am seeing when the foreground is blank, and empty. I need to work on the good foreground to add to the background or the blurry background and focus only on the foreground details.
  • I will also work on improving my other skills as mentioned but these are the ones I am going to focus on improving to make my photos look better.

I agree images are powerful tools in the digital storytelling world, they tell a story of their own. I see images as a snapshot of time in a person’s life where there was a moment they wanted to capture for a lifetime. They tell stories by the objects in the pictures, the area of the pictures, background, light, and motion or action that is captured in the picture. I have personally gone back through some old pictures and noticed the ones I really like have good lighting, and objects in the different areas of a photo, they are not static images they are stories of a particular time. Photos are an important part of saving moments in my brain, as long as remembering the emotions I had when I took the photo.

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