Princess Bride

This assignment was fun to complete. I decided to take a movie from the 80’s and add a quote to it from the movie showing how space and design play a role where they eye looks initially. This assignment was to take a picture from the movie and add a quote to it over the image for 2.5 stars. I decided on the Princess Bride because I really like the entire movie and there are some good quotes in it that are true or just funny. I started by looking for pictures from the movie that I liked, then thought of quotes that I like online and added them together just using word and their formatting tools. I had a tough choice between which quotes I wanted to use that would make the least sense with the photo. My goal was to mismatch the picture and the quotes. I decided to find a quote that made some sense with the picture but still funny.

I think I did a good job at using the space I had. I made the background of the text white so it would stick out more on the black shirt and the space I used is still rule of thirds. I enjoyed working with it and figuring out the spatial part of this week and design of the entire picture. The mini version of the buy in black in the corner I think is a cool artistic side, feels like he’s showing how the bigger version is feeling, like a mini me version. I just am a fan of the movie, I think the 80’s produced some really good movies, and scenes with quotes that will last forever.

Just extra because I still like the quote 🙂

This was going to be the other quote I was going to do with a different picture because it is so iconic and from the 80’s revenge feeling.

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