Radio Show Progress

This week by far has been the slowest for me. I have been busy and trying to coordinate with other people on our project is time consuming as well as frustrating at times. I was planning on starting my part of the project like Sunday or Monday, but it was not until Tuesday or Wednesday that we had enough ideas to start. Here I am on Friday finally able to do the work for the week. I think next week will go better because it will be back on my schedule versus everyone else’s.

We are making progress, we have a title of our show and a theme. We also have a story line to go off of. We are going to be using the movies of the 80’s to discuss the different trends it gave the time period as well as talking a little bit about the movies we picked. It should definitely be a fun show where we are examining the different trends or wanna be trends of the time, what became a trend and what was not ‘cool’ enough to be a trend.

The show is for going to be made by 4 people including myself. We are all working hard to make this the best show ever! While we are probably never going to meet in person for this class we are working on communicating with each other to be on the same page and do the work for the radio show. We are each going to create 5-7 mins of audio for this project that will be cohesive.

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