Radio Shows

This week we got to hear some radio shows that we created the last few weeks. I enjoyed listening to everyone’s but still don’t really like hearing my voice from a recording. I listened to one yesterday about 80’s fashion trends and they did a great job. I love how they described the clothing as if I could see it. It was impressive to see our shows coming together and seeing the final project. I enjoyed getting to hear them talk about the trends and how some of them are coming back and some are not like the shoulder pads.

I got to hear the different sounds which made sense to their theme and worked really well with the 80’s theme. I liked the different sound effects they used as transitions. All the groups so far did a great job with making the show and editing the audio. I was tweeting live with the show and enjoyed how they incorporating things that are normally seen into an audio show.

It was weird transitioning between shows, I was a little confused in the beginning about the end of one and the start of another. I thought there should have been another transition between shows not just inside the individual show themselves.

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