Radio Waves Logo

This week after we made our groups and came up with a group name. I needed to make a logo for our group that was catching while allowing it to showcase our show and be specific. I decided with the logo below because in the show we are talking about the trends from movies and how teens felt about them. The logo seemed fitting.

I was able to just use word and play around with clip art and different fonts to create the logo which was pretty simple since I have a lot of experience using word. This assignment does not count for stars but allow each of us to contribute to the group name and advertising it. This logo is how we are going to advertise our radio show along with the poster and other means my group members made.

This assignment was not hard once I came up with a logo I liked. The hardest part is finding the right logo to sound good and make sense with our radio show. Week 1 of the radio show is almost coming to an end! Good luck to all my classmates and members on completing the work and making a great radio show!

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