Science Books

National geographic wrote a book call “The Science Book: Everything You Need to know about the world.” This book has six different sections, one for each category with different information and pictures of animals and plants. This book provides overview information as well as more specific about certain topics. The colorful illustrations are there to keep young children immersed in reading and learning about the world around them. This is a nonfiction book where children are going to be reading accurate facts to remember the rest of their life.

This book is good for older children to read on their own, but also for any age if the teacher uses the information and reads the book to the students while they look at the pictures. This is a good book with the most up to date information available to the public. It was printed in 2011 by National Geographic. The book with over 200 reviews fairs a 4.7 stars out of 5 on amazon. The book was also able to include 3-D graphics and other fun pictures to engage students in learning.

One customer posted a review in 2015 saying, “This tome of 400+ pages covers all aspects of science and the topics are laid out systematically. Some topics are more difficult than others if you aren’t already informed on them, and for these topics it would have been more helpful to have a glossary to help better understand terms and concepts. Then again, I’m sure the publisher and authors had limited space and did not intend to go in depth on every topic; thus only so much information could be crammed onto one page. It is a handy reference to have. If you find a topic of interest in the book, like microbiology for example, then you will get a basic understanding from this book, but you will need to find another book to better explore that particular topic in depth.”

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