Social Media Life

This assignment was fun to make. I had to pull things from different social media platforms to create a movie narrative of my life for 4 stars. I enjoyed this project because while making movies from pictures and words is time consuming I get satisfaction out of it. I was able to play around more with the photos app to create this video.

First, I went through my facebook, and my mom’s and other people that would have pictures of me and downloaded them to my computer to upload into the software. This program is very user friendly you just drag and drop the picture into the storyboard and then change the settings that you desire to. This inspiration comes from my life and how lucky and wonderful I feel I have been so far. I have had a great family and friends growing up and hope to continue to make and keep friends. I have learned even more how to use the photos app and the limitations it has like the transitions between segments of the movie or showing the words. I am re embedded the video because youtube took it down which is why some of it is now silence.

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