Video Essay

For this assignment I needed to analyze a video scene from a movie focusing on how the director made emotion and edited the video. We had to include both readings for this week and discuss it over the video.

I first found the video clips on YouTube, downloaded them and trimmed the video in my photos app. I have Window 10 on my computer and that’s where they got rid of Windows Movie Maker, but they allowed the photos app to take over and do everything like movie maker. I then imported them into my app cute the volume of the scenes. After that, I went into audacity to record my voice talking about the scene and added background music. I use the same kind of music every time just because I love it. After I was satisfied with it I exported the audio as an Mp3 to upload into my photos app to place as the audio in my movie.

I enjoyed this project, I do think it would have been more fun with more freedom to edit it. I have always enjoyed making movies from pictures and editing movies with sound, I think there is such a special way of expressing myself through video. I have just discovered I don’t really want to be in the videos, unless it is just pictures. I thought I did a good job editing with this new software for the first time. I did enjoy it, while it just took more time almost than editing audio which is funny. I enjoy playing with pictures and setting music as the only background, I don’t want to hear my voice, just music. I am happy I got to play around with the new version of Windows Movie Maker.

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