Virginia Science Literature Science Through Children's Literature: An Integrated ...

This book Science Through Children’s Literature: An Integrated Approach 2nd edition is a good resource for teachers to use in developing lessons for elementary school children through Language Arts. This book included activities and lessons for teachers to use and change according to their classroom to help the children learn. This book is broken down into topics and chapters based on the information cover in them. Each chapter includes a lesson plan, activity, and children’s books that can used in connection with the lesson.

Below is a few pages from the book with questions on critiquing children’s literature for science and some good examples of literature to use in the classroom.

The reviews for this book are good, because it helps the teacher in planning and executing lesson plans. One person wrote a positive review fort he book being that it is best used in early elementary school.

Reviewed in the United States on November 14, 2008Format: PaperbackI love this book. Examples of chapters are Airplanes, Measurement, Energy and Motion, Force and Movement, Volcanoes, Trees, Reptiles… and more. Each subject has a storybook suggested to read and then there are tons of hands on activities offered to go along with the storybook. This book is along the same lines as Five in a Row. Terrific for lower elementary children.

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