Week 10 Summary

This week has gone pretty good, just time consuming. I have done the 10 stars of video assignments in the hopes I don’t have to appear in front of the camera yet. I enjoyed getting to make these videos and playing around with the sounds and what we have learned so far this semester. This class doesn’t get more complicated as the weeks go on because we have to incorporate everything we have learned so far. On the other hand, this class has taught me so much with skills I plan to use the rest of my life. It is crazy to think we are getting close to the finish line for this class but I am excited to have a calmer semester this spring.

I am going to start this summary off by embedding my daily creates, I just did 2 this week because the video editing took a lot of time!

Then I have my 4 videos I uploaded to youtube for the stars and the essay this week along with the blog posts I wrote about each one of them.

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