Week 11 Summary

This week has been hard, I am not as into the deep editing of videos and the small details that editing videos has to have. I found this week different because it was more about the small video details versus last week where it felt more like whole picture editing. I think the week overall went well and I did have fun playing around with editing and being able to play around and find cool videos to make a movie. This week I did half my stars relating to the 80’s mostly by music and the way I put videos together. I also did 3 daily creates to complete this week’s assignments. I that the stars went well and I did a good job incorporating the opening and closing credits to my movies. I am excited to be working towards the final project and be almost done the class and the amount of information I learned so far and I think I will continue to learn till the end of the semester. I think movie making is fun and I have always enjoyed playing around with pictures and videos to make movies.

First I am going to include my daily creates that I really enjoyed participating in this week.

For my 10 stars of assignments half are related to the theme through video or music.

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